Sunday, September 20, 2009

1933 Propaganda: Inflation Is Good!

We are outdoing the printing of money for nothing in 2009. But what manner of inflation are we set to see? That grand ole inflation that made everyone so happy? Sure, nothing to fear.

The Federal Reserve and the US Government have your best interests at heart.


roxy said...

Im signed in but still can not view the contents

LowKeyIdaho said...

It's a shame that evidently MOST people don't seem to care about history. They pretty much don't even teach it in school anymore. I've asked teachers why, and the answer I got was" There's not enough time because of all that's happened since you were in school"
Not much of an excuse, in my book.
Just keep in mind, "Those who do NOT study history, ade doomed to repeat it"

BenDereDunDat said...

Doc-housefly Ol' Buddy -

I've received and thank you for your observations re:

"Interesting data on European and Asian countries as to their national debt as a % of their GDP
Russia=6.8%, USA=96.5% . . . ."

Am I the only one who finds it to be a "wee bit curious" that Russia (the "Keystone" republic in the former Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics" is being touted by you as being comparatively superior (14.19 times better) to the USA in terms of their national debt in relationship to their Gross Domestic Product???

What are you - a FLAMING COMMIE????


JoyFulOne said...

To Patriot! Sorry to hear that you are going through Chemo. I hear the medicine is worse then the disease. I do wish you well.

Wikipedia is VERY closely fact check monitored. I saw a show on it, then tested it. I do know that no matter the subject there are many opinions, but only one truth. The TRUTH is that bush w. was one of the worst Presidents in U.S. history. Just the fact that Congress and the White House was Democratically controlled in 2009 should tell you something!

JoyFulOne said...

To: Don'ttreadonme
Many administrations have subsidized many energy and various companies. Maybe like the oil industry. bush even subsidized a Brazilian oil company for oil exploration. The reason it is hard for solar companies to compete is because the GOP put too much money in the oil companies and we let China far surpass us on solar technology, along with a lot o energy issues.

The GOP idiots would rather pay Middle Eastern countries for their oil so we can keep starting wars over there. The 11 bodies of the men that died on the Gulf Oil Rig weren't even cold yet and the Republicans were wondering why more permits had not been issued to drill more. Good God man. There is an identical rig somewhere in the Atlantic that is read to blow too.

As I have said before in regard to Solyndra, that $353 million is a drop in the bucket compared to the TRILLIONS of dollars spent on the needless and ridiculous war in Iraq. So, if we are going to have a debate on wasted tax money, lets start with the big ticket items.

JoyFulOne said...

Kandy? Really? bushtard did what he had to do after 9/11? Do you live in a cave? He needlessly invaded a country knowing full well there were NO WMD's. There were NO al-Qaida in Iraq when we invaded that country, (but there was after, thanks to bush!) 5,000 wonderful lives lost and when all is said and done, that little adventure will have cost us 3 TRILLION including VA costs. 17 vets try to commit suicide everyday because of that war. Oh, that was a success! How did we WIN that war? That was the stupidest military decision of my lifetime and I am 53. bush did the right thing? I think not. Daddy bush hated Saddam and baby bush wanted Dad to be proud of him, not to mention shit like Haliburton profits, etc. Oh, don't get me started.....

JoyFulOne said...

Patriot: There is a myth out there that says that the top earners of this country pay 35% taxes. Total bullshit. With all the loopholes and give-aways, they pay on the average 18%. And it is common for the secretary or administrative assistant to pay more in taxes then the CEO of a company. That is common knowledge. The GOP's in Congress say that they don't want to eliminate loopholes because they say that is raising taxes. Grover has them all by the balls. These Republicans are the same assholes that have bumper stickers on their cars that say, "Support Our Troops", but when asked to pay 2 percent more taxes to actually "Support Our Troops", they say, "Fuck No!" So don't talk to me about hypocracy!

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