Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Cartoon Seemed Far-Fetched In 1948


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Debbie said...

Unbelievably scary today!

Fix America said...

How quickly people will give up their freedoms today for the illusion of security, and the false hope of prosperity through government control. Perhaps it is time for all Americans to revolt against an oppressive government, one that no longer is representative of the will of them majority, but rather the influence of bans and corporations.

Unknown said...

I agree Fred, but we should have started standing up during the last administration and impeached our leader for his lies and scare tactics then. He feed all his cronies coffers on the backs of our hard working country and our fine military service people. He used scare tactics the like I have never seen before. We bowed down and surrendered our rights without even asking questions. Now we're jumping on the new administration for trying to find a better way, but we ignore what put us here to begin with..... It's hard to blame the farmer for the pile of horse manure, when the former leader brought the horse into the barn to begin with...

Unknown said...

Alright, VICTOR! Great to hear a more accurate picture of where we've been and as the Nobel Peace prize committee has pointed out, there is hope of cleaning (literally) up the mess that we are in. Dianne

rjsodaro said...

Here’s what I noticed.

1) The cartoon presupposes a Christian America (“To Mom it is church on Sunday morning”), leaving out all Jews, Muslims, and all other non-Christian faiths,

2) There is a backwards-hanging American flag (in the first minute, the blue star field is ALWAYS in the upper left)

3) It is sexist (the jury whistling at the woman on the stand)

Oh, yeah, anytime a people give up their civil liberties for a small measure of security, they gain neither liberty nor security.

Ann said...

I am sorry for those who wrote a negative post about this carton, they missed the whole message of the carton. We live in a dark time with Peoples minds clouded with the sin of self. Our forefathers, who by the way where christians, build this nation with standards that today are according to all you liberalist have become obsolete. This country is headed for socialism or worse marxism. I wonder how all the liberalist will like our country then. GOOD LOOK WITH THAT!

Unknown said...

Everyone blames Bush, who had to deal with Clinton's pushing the mortgage companies to give loans that they knew people couldn't pay back. Bush worked hard to keep taxes down so work would go on even after the panic of 911. Wake up. What good ever came of handouts?? Churches, of all faiths should be shouting at the rooftops for government to get out of charity work. Government is supposed to protect us from invasions and keep our laws. They are not supposed to get into our personal lives or tell us what we can and can't do.

Unknown said...

Holy Cow!

That smooth talker reminded me of our latest Nobel prize winner... Looks good, speaks well, but buyer beware!

Anonymous said...

Terrific video and very appropriate for today. It baffles my mind that people are screaming bloody murder about government intrusision in security matters but turn around and encourage heavy government in other areas of individual rights. Bush's presidency was far from perfect but he did what he promised he would do: he kept us safe for 8 years and did his best to ensure a working economy. Only after Democrats took over Congress did things turn South, and now we are being led by a President who has not delivered on anything he promised but also willingly received an award that he did not earn nor deserve. Let's hope the next few years pass quickly and we can get a true leader in office.

William Perry said...

Victor you had best look at the present administration instead of doing like they do and blame everything on the prior administration. They don't take responsibility for anything and obama (lower case intendedd) has put us into debt more than all the presidents before him. His agenda is to bankrupt the U.S. and then he, acorn and all the other buddies of his can remake (or as he says "transform the government). You must be a die hard democrat. Look at all the communist czars around obama and you have the audacity to talk about the previous administration. I served through two wars so don't talk about the military to me. Been there and done that. I suggest that you open your eyes. Bill

AggiePilot said...

No wonder nothing gets done in Washington, it mirrors the public discourse. How can we expect our elected officials to look forward when those who elected them cannot. We always have to find someone to blame. It must have been the previous parties fault! Lets investigate all of them! No one wants to compromise anymore, it's my way or the highway. Hell, people wanted more refineries when gasoline was high, just not near their house. Some folks around the country want Green Wind Power, BUT!! Do not build big windmills near them as they are ugly.
This country needs a real leader! One who will explain the problems, suggest fixes and then take it to the people. Kind of like Ronald Reagan, JFK or Harry Truman. It is time for some civility in politics in this country and one way to start is to vote against every incumbent office holder at every level of government! Just my 2 cents worth.

rjsodaro said...

Actually many of our founding fathers were NOT Christians. Quite a few were agnostics, and several were Deists (who believed in God, but felt that it didn't matter how you practiced that belief).

Further, if you were to look at unvarnished view of US History you will find that there was a very strong Jewish presence during Colonial times.

I will agree that there is a load of hatred for folks who don't "believe exactly what I believe exactly the way I believe it" Have we forgotten that it is out whole "melting pot" paradigm that has made us a great nation?

Anonymous said...

To Robert who is so hung up on the religion or the Christian portrayal in the video--quite frankly, who cares? The gist of the video is about the overreaching government we have and the direction we are headed towards. As a US History teacher myself, 22 yrs, your accounting of the various religions or beliefs during the colonial period is accurate--but again, who cares? The founders were very wise in their construction and language of the Constitution--remember the Bill of Rights? Stop focusing on the mother in the church or the whistling from the bench--it's about the choice to attend the church or whistle--don't you get it?? PS and most of us normal attractive ladies don't mind a whistle or too now and then.

Joe said...

Absolutely amazing!
I was 14 when that came out and had no clue what was being said if I then saw
this "cartoon" . Here we are today pointing fingers and the message to me
is there was skull drudgery way back then. A continual witling away at what makes
America, America...... the freedom. A costly price to keep it clean and working.
Lost two uncles and my dad ( bless his soul ) had three bullet scars in his back.
The arrogance, egotistical, superior, attitude of our lawmakers, thumbing their noses
at us once they're in office. There is no just and moral way anymore to get replacements
into Washington that we can trust. The politicians have us scared of them and can get away
with anything and if caught, the pass word is Oh, sorry, I made a mistake. and they go back in their office.
"We the People" use to have the politicians scared of us. That's what gave us freedom.
The politicians did for us. It wasn't we did for them.

RickinMS said...

Incredible Video!! For those who choose to pick at the details (i.e. what about the Jews, Muslims, etc., it's sexist, etc.) you must realize "It's a Cartoon!". Our country was "founded" on Christian beliefs! That doesn't mean there's no room for other faiths, only that the core belief system of our country is that of the Christian faith. Don't like it? LEAVE!

"Provide" for the common defense... that means the government will "provide" it! "Promote" the general welfare... that, on the other hand, does NOT mean "Provide"!

How this cartoon ended is how it's going to end this time, one way or another! Wake up before it's too late...

Rumblestitlskin said...

To Robert. A typical liberal who misses the big picture pointing out all the little irrelevant social issues that usually correct themselves through public pressure and the over all moral standards our country. Like a good magician who uses misdirection to make you to see only the things that he wants you to in order to mask the reality of what he is doing to you. ( Yes, the magician could have been a non-christian, gay woman from the middle-east, but I have Chosen not to make him that in my humble rant)

Unknown said...

The point that this cartoon seems to be making, is beware of any individual, organization, or administration that attempts to escalate class, or race warfare to divide the country and make socialism appear to be the only solution. We will always have our differences, but putting the government in charge of everything, and surrendering person freedom is not the solution. - Very timely.

Warren said...

Mary, you are so right! And BTW you get a whistle from me for your beauty within. Friends, we who love Liberty must kick the Republicrat/Democritter habit! The petty Party battles are a ruse to keep us distracted from the REAL battle: the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. Bush surely did his part in this regard, and I'll admit, I voted for him. I'm not proud of that; I saw it as the classic "lesser of two evils", but now I realize that evil is EVIL and cannot be justified.

I know now that God always provides us with a non-evil choice, if only we are strong enough to take it. In this case, the ONLY non-evil choice is to demand our leaders honor the sacred oath they took when they took office: to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. It is up to us to hold their feet to the fire!

Those who take that oath and fail to honor it are joining the enemies of our Republic, and giving aid and comfort to those enemies. They are therefore, by Constitutional definition, Traitors. There is simply no pretty way to paint this: they are guilty of Treason! They should therefore be prosecuted for Treason to the fullest extent of the law.

And anyone who is blaming Democrats or Republicans... Obama or Bush or Clinton or anyone else... is missing the point. If you are a Patriot you should know our enemies can wear any coat they choose, wave any banner they like, and claim to be anything they think will get them elected. We must trust or distrust them purely on the basis of their actions.

I get downright sick seeing people justify Obama's un-Constitutional acts by pointing a finger at Bush, but even sicker at seeing Bush voters trying to defend the scumbag. Folks, let's try to get this straight: Obama is a weasel, but that doesn't mean Bush WASN'T. Yes, Bush WAS a weasel but he's gone now and he's done about all the damage he's likely to do, so get over it. Also, no amount of weasling on Bush's part can excuse the slightest weasling on Obama's part. Both were elected to serve our people and our free, Constitutional Republic, and both... so far at least... have failed miserably. Both took a solemn oath of fidelity to our Constitution, and both knew, as the words rolled off their tongues, they had no intention of honoring that oath.

They are both Globalists, in a long string of Globalists we have managed to elect as President. Each of them has taken, or is taking, orders from a small, clandestine group of anonymous power-brokers who can promise them a lot more than We The People can.

It would seem all is lost for those of us who love Liberty, but IT IS NOT. We must know the Enemy and call him what he is. Then we must take on the sword and armor of Almighty God, believing in Him, and unite under Him, and prepare to do battle with the Devil himself.

And if/when we do this, the Devil will stand down. He will have no choice.

Rumblestitlskin said...

I must say I'm getting sick and tired of hearing from people that voted for George W. bush and somehow now feel the need to apologise for it. I thank God for President Bush. No, he wasn't perfect, who is. But I truly believe in my heart of hearts that President Bush made decisions that he felt were in the best interests of the country and the people of the United States, whether they have a "D" or an "R" after there name, black or white, Christian, Jew or Muslim, not just because he thought it would be the best thing for his re-election coffers. I think that the Republican Congress failed him and the left wing media assassinated his character like they are doing to Sarah Palin now, another true American with the best interest of the people in her heart not political power. The kind of person the founding fathers intended to shoulder the burden of public service. How refreshing. I would trade my right arm to have "W" back right now I would even take Clinton and that is saying something.

Warren said...

Well, I am not exactly apologizing for voting for Bush; he really WAS the lesser of two evils. My point is, EViL IS EVIL, no matter what label you put on it. And in every instance we are given a number of choices, at least one of which will not be evil.

I believe Globalism is evil. I know for certain Obama is a Globalist, and so is Bush, and so was his daddy, and so was Clinton, and Carter, and so on. I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT, and anyone who doesn't has not been paying attention.

I am not apologizing for voting for Bush, or for any other votes I've cast in the past, but I have learned something and I'm trying to pass that knowledge along. And it is simply this: if you think you are voting for "the lesser of two evils", you are right... you are voting for EVIL! And God will not put you in a position such that your only choice is for evil, so you need to keep looking.

Sometimes we overlook good options because they seem impossible, or too much trouble, or unpopular or whatever. Sometimes we overlook options because they are, well, unthinkable. But none of that really matters if we know wee're doing the next right thing in front of us.

So okay, here is my problem with Bush, and Carter, and Clinton, and Obama and FDR and so many other presidents we have had: The Constitution of the United States of America

To the extent they upheld it, each of them garners my applause. But to the extent they ignored... or worse, circumvented... it, they have proved themselves Traitors. And in my opinion Traitors should be tried for Treason and when convicted, executed. EVERY ONE OF THEM, and I don't care if they claim to be republican or democrat or what, just as evil is EVIL, a traitor is a TRAITOR, and as such needs to be eliminated.

To those who would condemn Obama: you will get no arguement from me. I consider him the lowest of the low. But please consider, when you flash Bush up as an alternative, you discredit your argument. Please admit it: Bush is a damned Globalist! His administration set the stage for everything Obama is doing now. They are on the same team, driving our nation to the same end-point, and I am astounded so many seemingly intelligent people have failed to pick up on this!

What I'm trying to say here is so simple it seems absurd to even state it, but some folks aren't catching on: if you claim to be a democrat or republican, you have not been paying attention. Both parties intend to enslave you! Each has a slightly different approach but the result will be the same.

And we have but one defense: The Constitution! If we hold them to the letter and spirit of that document we may retain our liberty. We have been warned, if we forfeit the first piece of it we stand to lose it all, and many pieces have already been lost. If we want it back we must stand and take it now.

Rumblestitlskin said...

Sorry, but evil is too strong a word for any of these men. Bin Laden...EVIL, Hussein...EVIL. Our presidents no not evil. You must define globalist. Our place in the international community is vital to our very existence. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Sound familiar? Rep or Dem it is the system we have right now and isn't going to change anytime soon. If we want it to really change we need to get involved and initiate change from within. Not an easy task for sure but truly the only chance for it. Too much power has been accumulated already to stop it without all out revolution and you don't have the support for that i assure you.

Fred said...

All of you Obama apologists are only confirming the intellectual barreness of the liberal landscape.It also confirMs that the only reason Obama was able to even come close to winning the Oval office is because of an anti-Bush vote, race, promises to unions and gov. employees. There was not a single element of his entire format except bullshit promises which he has yet to perform on, soaring sermons of giving away ice cream and being a Pied Piper for all who wanted to share prosperity....SOME ONE ELSES PROSPERITY. You elected an empty shirt....and untalent hunk of nothing except hot air and and put and embarassing slice of humanity in leadership capacity.

William Perry said...

A bunch of morons and a tele prompter elected a president.

Unknown said...

Some observations:

1. This is propoganda for capitalism--which is fine, but call it what it is. This is directly after WWII, when McCarthyism was in full effect.

2. The automobile industry held up as the exemplary example in this video is often demonized because of its unions.

3. All of the people who are in blind support of this video seem to be resurrecting the ghosts of McCarthy when they start pulling out the socialism vs. capitalism card--and it's disingenuous when you consider that they simultaneously accuse Obama of socialism and fascism.

4. All of the doomsayers of today need to have faith in our country. The same worries existed in 1930 as 1948 as 1969 and today. We are always destined to be in tension between individual freedoms and the benefits of the collective society. Some eras swing one way, some another. This is inevitable, and it's healthy.

5. Everyone needs to relax and read some more history.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Well said Christopher!!

Anyone who ties this cartoon to a specific person misses the whole point of this message. One can just as easily point to G. W. Bush's actions as president and compare it with what is said in this narrative.
A foundation to freedom is the ability to THINK, otherwise everyone will blindly follow the loudest voice.

William E.,
are you applying your comment to ALL recent presidents? It makes America a nation of idiots, including you.

Anonymous said...

Socialism, communism, Marxism, they're all bad. Russia and China tried them and went broke. Now our fearless leader is trying it and we are going broke. Now that those countries have switched to a capitalist type market, they're economy is growing like crazy. I wish they could pass a law that keeps liberals from running government. They don't do a very good job of it.

Hpy2bHpy said...


The references to religion were very general in content. First, the Church on Sunday mornings. Big Deal. Are you saying other religions don't worship on Sundays. Second was in the classroom and this is what they said: "it's all races, creeds and religions" (more than one) doesn't sound like preaching Christianity to me and third was when they were listing our freedoms and they said "and to worship God in your own way".

I wish people would stop bringing up the Christianity issue. We really have more serious issues at hand; like the hijacking of our country, a President who is intentionally bankrupting us and trying to divide this country further than it already has been. We need to fire every single one of them and replace them with fresh new citizens who want to serve and their first agenda promise should be term limitations for all.

Just my thoughts.

Unknown said...

I just wish this had been spread around to the majority of Americans who voted for change for the sake of change, whether good or bad, in the last election. Now we are all faced with taking the "medicine". Yuk.

Unknown said...

Don't understand all the amazement. If everyone had been watching important events since Nov. 22, 1963 none of this should be amazing. In the words of Al Jolson, "You ain't seen nothin', yet!"

Addy said...

What is wrong with you people? Can't you admire the animation? Do you know how much time it takes to create a film of this length? Did you not admire the color? Who cares about the political side?

rjsodaro said...

Fred, open your eyes man, and embrace the truth, we didn't "come close" to electing Obama. We actually did elect him, and we didn't need the Supreme Court to overturn the will of the people to do it either.

Chris Denny said...

The point is...

our system is not perfect but it allows us Freedoms of choice and opportunities that simply are not available in other countries - certainly not so easily.

Forget which President or party is in power. It barely matters.

YOU are the leader of this country. Keep it that way.

Anonymous said...

To Robert J. Sodaro, specifically, it appears you feel that "church" can only be Christian, how sad. Further, as young as you are, you may not remember that most people in the 40's were Christian. Too bad you feel this is an attack on the current President, it is really an attempt to get people like you to see that it is the current organizations, Labor, Management, Politicians, and large Farmers, pushing us toward something that removes our freedoms in exchange for a false security. But that is why we are on the verge of losing it all today. And it has been in the works for over 60 years!

Char / Stitchary! said...

The very end of the film says it all:
"Whenever anyone preaches disunity, tries to pit one of us against the other, through class warfare, race hatred or religious intolerance, you know that person seeks to rob us of our freedom and destroy our very lives...and we know what to do about it. Working together to produce an ever greater abundance of material and spiritual values for all. That is the secret of American prosperity."

However, even the comments here show that our own interpretation of that is different for each of us. At the time of this movie, the government was instituting the largest aid to the middle class ever seen...the GI Bill of 1944. That is why more people started owning homes and going to college. But, like I said, we all see in different ways.

When I hear religious freedom, I interpret that to mean the right to worship or not worship my own choice of God as I please. I hear class warfare and interpret that as the top 1% holding as much power as the lower 99% combined. I hear "an ever greater abundance of material and spiritual values" and intrepret that as a changing wider diversity of materials and broader exchange of ideas, not simply more of the same thing.

But, evidently, we all hear and see it in our own way.

Ragfish said...

Hope and Change, anyone?

Mik J Wright said...

"For those choose to divide us using fear...." sounds like Karl Rovian tactics for the Homeland Security Act! glad those days are over....

Unknown said...

Why does the American person living in their own country constantly have to defend their beliefs and values? If we travel to other countries, do we try to reform them? We are demanded to respect their beliefs and even wear their dress in some countries. I do not know of any other country that lets others come in and then try to change their beliefs and the way they live. I don't want the government involved in my personal life and our freedom of choice and free speech and all other things free or any aspect of it. This is my country and I enjoy my freedoms, choices, my free speech, and I am able to live that way because of our Freedom that others have died for!! I do not believe that we were even being offered a choice of this so called "Health Care Reform", at least some of the Americans started opening their eyes and standing up for themselves and that is exactly what it is going to take to keep our freedom. We are going to have to fight for it just like our fathers and fore fathers have do in the past. I think Americans, which I am one born and bred in KY, have had it so easy and are so spoiled rotten that it is just easier to say ah sign it and lets go to the next step with our next "Change"..It doesn't matter to me what color you are, who you worship or how, how you dress or what you do for a living, but when you come to my house, don't start moving my stuff around or throwing away things you don't like, it doesn't belong to you!!!!People we are going to have to work together if this country is to stand proud and strong again..Unity is the only way to keep it that way. People cry "Well what about this or what about that, you didn't name this in the cartoon, come on, its a 1948 cartoon for Gods Sake!!No one has mentioned the disabled or the handicapped trying just to survive in this world today..What happens to them when the government takes control??Are they going to be herded up and sent to a camp somewhere because we are not "Normal" I can cry discrimination too!!! We have not be mentioned at all in any of this whole thing. Quit living in the past and focus on what is happening today, give your child a hug tonight and ask who ever you pray to, to keep this nation together, strong and Free!! Look in your child's eyes tonight and tell them we are fighting for them and their futures!!

Unknown said...

I say hooray for someone finding this cartoon. Amazing at the paralell this has to todays issues. Many of you need to watch this again, without your party views getting in the way. I think the snake oil salesman can be either party quite frankly. It is time to rethink the party system and start voting for the PERSON who best shares the ideals in which this cartoon and country were founded upon. Blame, blame, blame is all you want to do. Instead why don't you try becoming a solution to the problem instead of the obstacle of blame. It is time to remove the DEM Party and the GOP Party and put in the GOD party. I am a Christian without shame and debuke those who wish to scoff at me for being so. This does not mean I am intolerant of other beliefs, as long as they are godly in their own right as far as this country is concerned. Simply put "do the right thing by others". Then we can work on a productive CARING based diaglogue without all the personal agendas.

Unknown said...

The snake-oil Democrats say:

We can have peace through weakness

We can have success without failure

We can reward the unsuccessful while punishing the successful and still have a successful economy

We can entrust the government to take care of us without taking advantage of us.

It's the stuff of children's fairly tales. Wake up America before it's too late!

Unknown said...

I wonder who edited the video that deleted the line before "and drive 70% of automobiles". Listen again.
That static is no accident. It deletes a comment that would have originally made the point that "American's have only x percent of the resources yet drive 70 percent of the automobiles."

Anonymous said...

it probably said, america has only x amount of population/people, but drive 70% of the cars, or it could just be a very old video and the result of very old editing.

jrabe said...

Don't forget, one of the ISM's is Capitalism. Was there a reason he said Capitalist instead? Oh, I see, all of the other ISM's are really bad. Lets see about a little history. The oil debacle, mortgage crisis, health insurance, Bernie Madoff, mercantile market, ad infinitum. Sure seems like they all pretty much regulate themselves for the benefit of all. And if you buy that, ........
I voted for change the last time...the jury is still out, but it looks to me as though it's happening. And, by the way, he doesn't look like a socialist to me. But then maybe not everyone uses Rush's definition??

Anonymous said...

The politically correct movement is obviously alive and well as the first few comments attest missing the point that our country WAS FOUNDED on Christian foundations with specific laws prohibiting discrimination against other religions and preventing the states and the federal government from establishing a state/national religion and the government is restricted FROM "PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF" which has been forgotten by federal judiciary for the most part while the discrimination against Christians speaking out in the public square.
We, are the only ones responsible for the loss of religious freedom for Christians by sitting on our collective behinds and expecting dishonest, deceptive politicians to protect our liberties instead of doing all they can to protect their positions of power and influence.
For years the citizens voted their pocketbook over every other issue, including moral issues, and now we have the current mess that exists in our nation and the world.

Unknown said...

I am only a little surprised that there are people in this country that are so blind as to believe that the Government is our savoir. The jury is not out on the current administration, it is full speed to a socialist society. How is it that poll after poll say the American people blame the government for all our problems but want the government to solve them. The government has been responsible for all the problems that we have seen over the last 30 years because they regulate for the result they wish with out taking into account the real results of trying to please everyone. What we are headed for is not utopia but shared misery. People wake up! Take care of your selves and quit waiting for the government to take care of you. Lazy ignorance is why we are headed to failure. Take responsibility and reject any government that seeks to take care of you cradle to grave. The grave will surely be where you are once you are no longer useful to the government.

Don Juan said...

It's amazing to me how some people see this cartoon and all they can think about is what the last administration did to us. While I don't disagree, but I do believe these are the same individuals who seem to think that what is going on now is all A-OK. This country is in real trouble and it started 20 years ago and if people don't wake up soon and stop this nonsensical idea that the government is here to help; then may God, yes I said God help us all.

Unknown said...

Funny, why are the "christans" and right winged nut jobs are so thined skined now, but never said a word when there guy was selling us down the river,taking our rights away with the illegal wire taps,the patriot act, medicare drug handout, the illegal unjustified war were in now,corprate welfare, Haliburton, 911, etc....

Yea just keep on listing to your guru's like fox's glen beck,Bill oreally? & the $400 million dollar man rush limpdick, What a joke......

The Rich get richer by keeping the rest of us fighting amongst eachother.....

Unknown said...

Okay, back to the cartoon. This was put out two years before the "golden age" of the 1950s. The middle class was beginning to really take the reigns of this society. The "average" American (meaning that portion of the population within one or two standard deviations of the mean in statistical terms)had a home, at least one car, food on the table and adequate clothing. Reasonable vacations could be taken and luxuries such as televisions and high fidelity players could be bought at a reasonable price. Most homes had a telephone, running hot and cold water, indoor lavatory, and electricity. Some had it better than others. Some had it worse. There were still the very poor and the very rich.

Please recall that this "utopia" did not last particularly long. The Korean "War" and then Vietnam were the catalysts for a great deal of social unrest...which could not have occured if there had not been a thriving middle class in America who had the luxury of revolting or trying to maintain the status quo or trying to walk a middle line and every other point on the spectrum between radical liberals and radical conservatives. People in countries that don't grant individual rights and freedoms don't have the luxury of holding the kinds of relatively "peaceful" debates that we do here in America.

Folks, we still live in a great country. We have forgotten, however, that it IS great and that WE are great.

So, we have a high rate of unemployment right now. Okay. We just need to come together and decide how we are going to share our resources so that everyone has at least enough to subsist. Some of the greatest stories in our history are of people helping each other in time of need.

So, some people are losing their homes. WE have. We couldn't afford it. These things happen. We are renting a nice enough space and happy to have a roof over our heads. Just because we used to have something doesn't mean we should continue to have it. Some people are living on the streets or in their cars and I am amazed at the way some of these people, children in particular, can find the smallest and simplest things with which to be happy or contented.

Things come and go. Situations ebb and flow. Everything changes. It is the spirit with which we encounter those changes that has always made America a great nation of people.

I am making vast generalizations here but I think you may get the point. Let's stop bickering about who is to blame and who owes whome and who lost what and how much. You weren't going to be able to take it with you to the hereafter, anyway.

Unknown said...

Part 2: We still have the greatest example of Democracy in action that has ever been attempted. It's something we practice, not something at which we will ever be fully proficient. The greatest masters of any art are those who know that they must practice their skills on a daily basis. The results of some of our decisions are turning out to be fairly unpleasant for more than a few but that does not mean that all is lost or that there is some conspiracy to "kill" America or that there isn't enough in this amazing land for all of us, just as there has always been.

When some try to take too much, reprimand them and take back the portion they have taken that is more than their fair share, but don't leave them destitute. When some try to oppress others, take a stand and tell them that you will not allow your sisters and brothers to be treated unfairly and that includes them. When a bully trys to make everyone agree with his opinion make sure that the voices of all can be heard. Stand up for what is right and good and true about America, ladies and gentlemen. Be just and clear-thinking. Stop judging and blaming and just be accountable for making sure your behavior is forthright and fair to all.

These are the values upon which this country was founded and whenever it was made clear that these values were not being applied equitably there was someone willing to push for the necessary changes. We have come so far, my friends, in such a relatively short time. We can weather this time of insecurity and unrest IF we make the committment to do so, just as the cartoon narator said, together. We have done so before. We can do so again. Put away your fear and be filled with hope and faith.

All will be as it will be. Only we can decide HOW we will be with everything. Be proud. Be brave. Be just and faithful. Be fair and true. Be American.

kt said...

Everyone who still have their blinders on need to wake up and smell the coffee. "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country."

singer23 said...

This is a wonderful cartoon and to the point but it's not the only cartoon to warn of the evils of Socialism/Communism. Rent or buy: "George Orwell's Animal Farm." It's a great animated film and it's somewhat more comprehensive. If you would also like a picture of the Obama administration, get a copy of: "Putney Swope!"

BFine said...

OMG!!!! It's really unbelievable the vision of things to come that there was in many cartoon that were out when I was a kid. This one for instance says it all and no one would have believed it back then. Even Batman with cars that had autopilot, the Jetsons with cars that fly and the ones with watches that had two way transmissions and video. But this.....WE HAVE GOT TO TAKE BACK OUT COUNTRY FROM THE HANDS OF THE IDIOTS ON CAPITOL HILL. They are only in this for the money and the power at the ruination of the little people and their businesses. The first thing we need to do is START A MASSAGE DEPORTATION OF ILLEGALS AND THEIR money sucking families and CLOSE THE BORDERS FOREVER!!!! Let people work and live in the countries they were born in and possibly we could regain the strength and wealth that we once had as the Contintal US of A.

Rick Taylor said...

Robert J. Sodaro was so wrong in that he only hears what he wants to hear."We are free to worship as we wish" What is to say the mom is of one particular religion? The arguing is appropriat because we are afforded the right for freedom of public discourse without being oppressed by the government or being accused by Robert of bring ultra Rightwing

Common Sense said...

There are 537 elected/appointed elected officials that are selling and trying to sell the voters a bottle of ISM. It no longer matters if there is a D or an R after their name, they are all in the same boat.

Look at what the ill informed voting public has elected for the past 3 or 4 decades (after drinking ISM). You have one side that promotes government programs for every aspect of your life, all of which are outside the constitution, and the other side offering alternatives (which are also outside the constitution).

I'm waiting for somebody to run for office that will operate within the job description outlined in the Constitution of the United States of America.

No health care
No prescription plan
No bailouts
No running car companies (or any other company)
No government/media complex
No hope/change

Sounds kind of harsh huh?

It hasn't been this administration, the previous one nor the one before that has taken us to where we are today. It has been a long time coming, probably since this cartoon was produced, otherwise why would it exist?

But who cares, as long as somebody pays my mortgage, bails out my credit card debt, pays for my health care, feeds me, and tucks me in at night all is well.

Unknown said...

First of all, Brenda, this country was FOUNDED by and on immigrants from other countries. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF AMERICA! Second, if you're going to write against non-Americans then learn to use the national language correctly. That goes for all the rest of the people who have commented on this page using absolutely abismal language and writing skills. When you have the national language under your belt THEN talk about all the people who come from other countries and don't appreciate ours.

Do you? Do you appreciate America enough to fight for what it stands for? America stands for Freedom. That was the entire point of the cartoon, folks. F-R-E-E-D-O-M and in case you never heard the song, "Freedom isn't free." We have to continue to work for it. Stop trying to scare each other and just work together, people. The mess we are in today is not about THEM. It's about and because of US. Take on the accountability for THAT and start making a difference instead of whining and blaming everyone and everything else. That's just victimization and it stinks. It's not at all American.

Get off your butts and start acting like free citizens of this country. If you don't like something, work to change it. Don't throw people out; figure out how to work together with them to make this country that they are living in something they are so proud of and want so badly that they will fight to stay here and uphold America's greatness. Lead, damn it, or YOU leave.

Tomato Farmer said...

First....this needs to be shown in every High School American history class....both in public and private schools.

Second, it needs to be on PBS, FOX, CBS, NBC, etc.

Third, one brave Representative needs to show it to he entire House.

Fourth, one brave Senator needs to show it to the entire Senate.

Fifth, all American TAXPAYERS need to DEMAND that the President, the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority leader sit their pompous asses down and watch it.
But what do I know..... I'm just a poor, dumb tomato farmer.... :-)

Unknown said...

If you were called upon to a national strike would you participate for freedom sake?

Unknown said...

Stop blaming Bush. Every President inherited something from the previous Administration. Obama inherited Bush's mess, etc. However, Obama seems to be this little kid in a candy store. He surrounds himself with morons like Michael Jackson did and look where it got him? DEAD. The analogy would be that Obama will not get re-elected. He did too much too fast and he bankrupted this country for our kids. Shame on him! As for WE, THE PEOPLE, get off your lazy butts and do something about all this! Join a tea party. Call your local politicians. But, DO SOMETHING! Stop bellyaching and put that big mouth of yours into action. Who knows, you just may do something worthwhile, for a change!

Unknown said...

Stop blaming Bush. Every President inherited something from the previous Administration. Obama inherited Bush's mess, etc. However, Obama seems to be this little kid in a candy store. He surrounds himself with morons like Michael Jackson did and look where it got him? DEAD. The analogy would be that Obama will not get re-elected. He did too much too fast and he bankrupted this country for our kids. Shame on him! As for WE, THE PEOPLE, get off your lazy butts and do something about all this! Join a tea party. Call your local politicians. But, DO SOMETHING! Stop bellyaching and put that big mouth of yours into action. Who knows, you just may do something worthwhile, for a change!

Gertie said...

First let me say that there are a lot of misconseptions on these pages.

First, The TAXpayer pays ALL of the local State and Federal bills.

Second, 501c3 Churches will find that they have no right to speak out about what the governmnet does or they will loose their"tax-exempt" status. This is happening all around but the "press" does not print the truth of this. As a 501c3 the governmnet owns your church. Look into that. It makes no difference which church denomination that is involved! The particular church that I attend is NOT a 501c3 and if there is income enough, pays the taxes on it. Give unto God that which is God's and unto Caeser that which is Caeser"s.

Third, Wash. D.C. will always try to keep the citizens fighting among themselves. It's called: DIVIDE AND CONQUER !!!!

Treat each other as we would a friend. If he/she is a good friend, fine. If not turn, your back if necessary. Name calling does no one any good.

STUDY THE CONSTITUTION! AND THE WRITINGS OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS. Yes, there was a difference in their religons, but, depending on the author just which were athiests or Diests varries. At one time or another all but one went to a church or prayed in a manor of his presonal preference. Allow us also the right without comment.

Unknown said...

to Robert J. Sodar, The statement that the melting pot made us a great nation is a fair tale. We were and maybe again a great nation base on the constitution that gave us a republic to operate under. Please check your history.

Unknown said...

It was interesting to hear one person speak of McCarthyism. I'm here to tell you that he was right. He rightly spoke of where the nation was headed and who was leading the march. Hollywood and the film industry. The real kool aid got a real boost with LBJ. That's when the REAL handouts started. It's time to vote EVERYONE out and start over. No more than 2 terms for anyone. No pensions, no special insurance. Social Security and Medicare for everyone. We need to be responsible for ourselves.

Unknown said...

The whole gist of the cartoon was that if we allow the "ISM's" to control us, we will lose our FREEDOM! Freedom which, by the way, was bought with a great price, and is still being paid for by our servicemen and women today in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. I do not want to lose the FREEDOM that was granted me by the Constitution of the United States of America. And Obama is doing everything he can, it appears, to have us join in a "treaty" that will supercede our Constitution and remove our FREEDOMS so hard fought for, forever! Wake up! Remove the rose-colored glasses that Obama handed out and see the reality of what he and his Czars are trying to do!

Anonymous said...

Gertie, you are a gal after my own heart. I preached for over 25 years and got in trouble every time I spoke out on the idea that local churches were often more interested in protecting their tax exempt status than in promoting the principles delivered in God's inspired word. I have been fired from almost every full time ministry job I ever held because we thought the truth revealed in Scripture was much more important than protecting the precious "tax exempt" status that the government "so graciously" provided than in proclaiming the truth that said the practice of homosexuality is a sin and the abortion is killing one of God's creations. All life is sacred to the giver of all life.
I was never able to achieve financial independence from preaching and fell into disrepute with elders, but am much respected and loved by the people that I ministered to--and for that--I AM THANKFUL!

Unknown said...

Those who give up their freedom in exchange for the illusion of security deserve neither

Jfits said...

I can't believe I just read all that crap! What a bunch of whiners and nay sayers!! Get a grip and give someone a chance to try to get this country on track. It hasn't even been a year. What's wrong with ALL of you? Could you be anymore negative?

Anonymous said...

Jfits, it is Obama that has made all the promises! It is him who is whining about all the naysayers.

It is the conservatives that have complained about both parties being corrupt and stealing citizen's freedoms and liberties.

If you want big government to take care of you leave the US and go to Canada, UK, France or Germany.

Unknown said...

Hey, we are already making "ISM" progress under the current administration!

Let's look at what has happened in the United States since the new administration of Hope and Change has come into power in January, 2009...........

=$80,000.00 now OWED by EVERY US citizen -- man , woman AND child thanks to the cost of the Bailout voted by this current administration. YOU did not vote for it did you? Relax, more deficit to come.

=The US money supply has DOUBLED since January (current Administration) making your January $1.00 now worth 50 cents.

=And (almost) "FREE" Healthcare for all. With a MANDATORY cost of $7,600.00 per year for EVERY family (with average family income $66,000.) That means EVERY family will have NO choice AND have to give up about 8% of their monthly income every month when this "great plan is passed"...

Obummer!, Thanks for the Hope and Change!

Well, sit back and there will be more to come OR be ACTIVE / VOTE and be VOCAL. You ARE an AMERICAN CITIZEN, right?

PS-It is NOT this Iraq / Afghanistan war here that bothers me , it is what IS happening and HAS happened in the USofA since I left in January and in the hands of the current, majority administration.

God Bless us all, EVERYONE

PPS-Thanks, Bill!

Publius said...

Does anybody think that this would be allowed to be shown in any public (government) school in America today?

I remember in my day that these (American Way) kinds of films were commonly shown.

Good luck to us all trying to get this into any classroom. The sword is really cutting both ways now.

Now the films dujour are those of the collective (global climate normalcy denier films, anti-capitalist films, save the hungry, feed the whales, ... other snake oil 'ism films.

Snowbear said...

How's that Obama-ism working out?

Snowbear said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Real White House said...

Jrabe, Victor and those of you willing to give up the very foundation that made this country the greatest nation on earth,

It would be fantastic and easy if all the problems we face in America today were all the fault of Bush.

The non-stop, anti-Bush drum beat that all liberials seem to march in step to is a pretty weak argument when you face facts.

If Bush did both Clintons, the current Speaker of the House, Harry Reid and most of your liberial icons in Washington. I have watched the videos of beloved leaders making a case to the American people, the need to go to war.

Will one of you please answer these questions for me:

How is adding more tax on small business providing health care for their employees, going to help business or my access to healthcare?

The President and most of the Dems promised to be transparent and work with everyone in government to "get the hard jobs done." How come they have neglected every chance they have had to be transparent or work together?

Why would my wife and I want to work as hard as we do to provide a good life, including a great healthcare plan, for our family and also be forced by the Socialist to give up our money to you or anyone else?

I have about 100 other questions I would like answered, let's work on these first. Don't give me a political BS answer, I really want to know why?????

Kevin said...

The Bible Says: This to Shall Pass

Remender: God is Still In Control

SteveJ said...

Folks, we live in a global economy. A huge amount of the money we make or spend and the products we use and sell are to or from foreign markets.

This cartoon was created decades ago. It represents a different America and world view. The EU grows stronger each day and we, and our dollar, grow weaker. The reasons are too plentiful to put here. But, clearly America is facing a bleak future.

I think Bush was a good man with the inability to create a great team when he was president (unlike Lincoln). He left many issues we deal with each day. The cost of healthcare under the Clinton and Bush regime has been doubling every 7 years. What you may not realize is, if not changed, in 21 to 28 years our country will be bankrupt. Are the changes easy? No, they're complex and will be painful and lengthy, just like fighting an infection is.

You may not agree with the way Obama is doing things, but he is trying to make changes to fix huge issues left to him by numerous administrations. He actually has a very impressive team working with him to do that.

We, as Americans, have two options, either learn from history, work together as a global economic entity, stop whining and step up and do what needs to be done to save our wonderful country, or complain, insult folks with different views, do nothing but blame our politicians (even though we voted them in), and fail as a country to the point where we will be owned by China or another country within the next 3 decades.

I certainly don't want to leave that future to my kids, do you?

BatCat said...

Many of you have no clue as to how our nation came about. To say that we are not a Christian, as obama recently said to the world, is just ignorant.

All of our founding fathers were Christians. They even set up our Capitol building to be a church on Sundays. And the US Supreme Court building is filled with the Ten Commandments and Moses, where we get most of OUR laws.

Maybe a trip to the Wallbuilders web site would straighten you out.
I think the point of the cartoon shows that most of us would rather have a place at the pigs tit all our lives, than go and get our own nourishment.

Don't mind me, though, I'll be 'carrying'!

Unknown said...

Oh, BatCat, not all the founding fathers were "Christian" and certainly not in the manner you know Christianity nowadays. Christianity HAD been governmentally sanctioned and controlled in other countries when the US formed up. The Constitution and First Amendment CLEARLY state that this government cannot -- Can NOT -- sanction nor support a particular church or religion nor can it align itself with one. Please, stop trying to undercut the foundation of religious freedom upon which this country was founded. You are not entitled to take away the rights of more than 50% of Americans who are NOT Christian and worship (or not) otherwise.

Unknown said...

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!

America! America!
God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!
O beautiful for pilgrim feet
Whose stern impassion'd stress
A thoroughfare for freedom beat
Across the wilderness.

America! America!
God mend thine ev'ry flaw,
Confirm thy soul in self-control,
Thy liberty in law.

O beautiful for heroes prov'd
In liberating strife,
Who more than self their country loved,
And mercy more than life.

America! America!
May God thy gold refine
Till all success be nobleness,
And ev'ry gain divine.

O beautiful for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam
Undimmed by human tears.

America! America!
God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea.

Rick Taylor said...

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" In the past few years I have seen "prohibiting the free exercise thereof" more and more.

William Perry said...

Lora: You are incorrect. Almost every poll indicates that 86% of Americans are either christian or believe in it and consider themselves christian.

Rick Taylor said...

If you want to talk about insanity. Hollywood used to be about making money.
Michael Medved did research back in the 90s. He found 90% of money was made by pg or g movies. While 90% of movies were R or X. If this doesn't give an example of insanity, what does? Hollywood IS out to change the way we think!

Unknown said...

Hi William E. I'm not saying you are incorrect. I am simply utilizing the US Census information from 2008. Even there the optimistic guess is only 75% of adults consider themselves Christians. However, I have extrapolated some further conclusions and here they are:

Here is the website I used to make the guesstimates that I have:

2008 Government Census questions on Religion in the United States, estimated 228,182,000 adults in the US.

Multiply by 0.5. This represents just one half of a child for every adult. Some families have more than this, some less and some have none. I think this may be a conservative number but it could also be fairly accurate to within one standard deviation of the mean.

So, 114,091,000 persons under the legal age of 18 is the figure at which I arrived.

Add this to the number of adults for a total of 342,273,000 persons, approximately, in the US in 2008.

216,000,000 adults responded to the census pole. Children were not included.

173,402,000 adults responded that they considered themselves some kind of Christian. That is almost exactly half of the total number of persons estimated to be living in the US at this time.

Investigators suspect that those who did not respond to the questions were those who practiced “no religion.”

I also suspect that there are at least 2 or 3 billion other people living in this country who avoid detection of any kind and so are not included in these figures. We must assume that the percentage data applies to them as well so I will grant that 75% of the two billion more people may identify as Christian, the other 25% do not. Add to that the number of people who are practicing Muslims but refuse to identify as such in any official capacity because of their fear of persecution in this country at this time. I suspect 1-2% of respondents could be closet Muslims.

I was incorrect, William, in calling all of these people “Americans” but whether citizens or not every one of us has the right to freedom of religious expression in this country. I believe the figures I just gave show that at least and possibly a little more than 50% of the current population of the United States is not self-identified as Christian.

As a practicing Christian myself I would not be displeased to be proven wrong so that more people than I thought are self-identified Christians. I happen to think Jesus the best teacher for many of us to follow...if we actually do so. :-)

Unknown said...

This movie prophetically announces the coming tyranny that Obama and his bootlicking horde have in store for us all. That this was produced in 1948 is indication that the forces of Marx have been hard at work in American society for decades. Obama is the hatchling of the leftist eggs laid by Russian serpents years ago. Band together lovers of freedom. You are the oppressed minority.

Unknown said...

Rick, when you say you see more evidence of "prohibiting the free excercise" of religion in this country, to what are you referring? Really, I'm just curious.

Unknown said...

Ummmm...this is from 1948. What transpired between 1948 and the present? The Cold War. What caused the Cold War? Ignorance and fear. What we've got here is failure to communicate. Some people you just can't reach. Which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. I don't like it anymore than you.

William Perry said...

Lora: Please don't take my comments personally. I only disagreed with your figures. I still believe (at least I hope) they are much higher. This nation certainly needs there to be an overwhelming majority of citizens who believe in God. Take care and God Bless You!!!!

William Perry said...

Lora: Please don't take my comments personally. I only disagreed with your figures. I still believe (at least I hope) they are much higher. This nation certainly needs there to be an overwhelming majority of citizens who believe in God. Take care and God Bless You!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those who are arguing Rep vs. Dem, what do you think the film meant when it referred to "pitting one against the other?"

As someone who has been a political partisan in the past, I am speaking to all of you who are arguing for or against Bush/Obama: there is no difference between the parties! They promote the same ever-enlarging government and only disagree on how quickly our freedoms should be stripped from us!

Shoot 'em all and let God sort 'em out!

Unknown said...

Victor and ideaceo are perfect examples of the mindless boobs depicted by the feckless four in the video. Unbelievable these [people are.

Unknown said...

Hello, again, William.

I don't take any of these comments personally. We are all just utilizing our rights to free speech. :-)

I realized as I was getting hay for my horses just now that I had made a big boo boo in my figures, which is not unusual for me. I failed to account for the fact that the religious affiliations of the children of the adults in the Census questions are probably the same as the adults. So we are still left with something between 68% and 76% Christians in this country. Much better figures, I believe than 50% however, I am still concerned that the rights of those who are not Christian to worship as they feel called continue to be upheld and that we not lose sight of the provisions in the Constitution and the First Amendment to freedom of religion.

Enough said.

Blessings, all.

Pat said...

It's amazing how people forget it took Fricken no brain Bush 8 years to dig a huge whole for america. Let's at least give Obama a year and a half to find a shovel to fill the hole in. Oh and please PLEASE quit bashing Clinton We had it great when he was in office. You can talk all the babababa about mortgages you want. When he was in office the stock market zoomed !

Brian said...

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. - Benjamin Franklin

Its ME said...

the present generation is being brainwashed about the pure spirit of democracy votes. The politiciana are merely actors acting out the script dictated by the majority voters ;a wise public voting will determine the way of life. Vote for the real servant, not vote to serve the "servant".

Don said...

Victor, just as the left so often loves to do, you say things that cannot be backed up by facts. Obama's actions speak for itself. Unfortunately, too many people just believe what they hear. As Alexander Hamilton once stated, "You will not find both a free people and an ignorant people".

Unknown said...

Schools should be showing this video instead of the propaganda videos of this current "administration"

Anonymous said...

Don, Im going to go a step further with what you said, And I'm gonna go ahead and call Victor a Un-informed Liberal that has no idea what he speaks of. How your gonna try to put these problems on Bush is beyond me, Obama has spent more money in the first 3 Months of his term than the last 10 Presidents combined. But your right this is George W's fault, I think not, not to mention he never infringed on our freedoms that our founding fathers guaranteed us. Maybe you should wake up and smell the roses.

Unknown said...

This represents My America...The one that I grew up in. Our government has long overstepped its bounds. I am afraid, very afraid....Our freedom is going, going, the highest bidder! Shame on you! Are you listening Congress? Are you listing Mr. President? said...

I don't care who did what or what who did. The point is our nation is going to FALL. The government has no right to rule our personal lives.

Thoughout History, putting a dictator in control helped at times, but it always gave them the ability to HURT us any time they wanted to!

With freedom, YOU are in control. You're opinion matters. YOU help decide what is ok. Sure, things aren't as easier if somebody like a dictator is doing them, but what is better?

Having the ability to change the bad or giving up your ability to change ANYTHING in exchange for promised prosperity?

If something goes screwy, I want to be able to fix it. If the government is in control, there is no choice!

If the government takes over, it will be final.

If things go bad, they'll STAY bad. If we continue having our votes matter, we can CHANGE whatever BAD comes our way.

The founding fathers worked hard to assure the government had limited power. They did this for US, not them! The government was in place not to RULE us but to be RULED by the people in order to keep order!

jj2010 said...

Nobody in government wanted to have another "great depression," so instead we have almost a trillion dollars in bailouts (while companies bailed out pay their "top people" billions of dollars in bonuses) and a "great recession", thereby increasing our national indebtedness to the tune of more trillions of dollars. Who buys our bonds so that we can continue to go into debt (that was rightly quoted as $80,000 for every man, woman and child in this country)? China, that's who!

Since this country is already owned in large part by China due to government overspending and huge deficits...why worry? When China calls in our debt, we'll all be living the comunist life anyway. Unless we as a people choose to do something to make changes to the way our country is managed.

SwenMikeYES said...

Obama & Bush W. both spent a great deal with ISMS.

For example:

Bush spent money:
-on education (no child left behind & standardized testing)

-on wars (yep two)

-on health care (Medicare D)
to name a few.

Obama spends money:
-on the stimulus package.
(a iffy at best reaction to pure, unregulated capital....ISM)
Clinton/Greenspan thanks

-on Wars (yep two), Afghanistan has a rich history of destroying empires, and a good Christian should know better than dwelling in "Babylon"

-on Healthcare because unregulated capitial...ISM, creates coverage caps, and "pre-existing conditions)

Good "ISM"
Realism, Optimism, & Skepticism

democratic brotherhood (as in majority rule, not party) plus the top previously mentioned good "isms" is what makes America so great.

No one political party (or even the top 2) has all the answers. The --checks & balances, precipitious change & the great compromise-- assure that "We the People" & "Life, Liberty & the pursuit of (my own) happiness" co-exist.

I'm Mike, and I'm an equal opportunity discriminator. So should you. Don't watch too much CNN, don't watch too much FOX, Rush & Stewart are not news, they are not politicians or policy makers, they are entertainers.

Always remember to vote for "We" AND "Liberty".

Unknown said...

I can't believe people are still trying to blame the 'past' administration. Of course they are the same people that don't understand the old saying " Those that do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it." They are probably the same ones that think the Holocaust never happened!!!

Unknown said...

I can't believe people are still trying to Blame the 'past' administration. Of course they are the same people that don't understand the old saying " Those that do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it." They are probably the same ones that think the Holocaust never happened!!!

Higgins said...

I don't know, Swen. I used to think both parties were valid, and even necessary. But that was before one of them decided that to make America better they would have to tear it down and rebuild it the way they wanted it. I'm not wild about everything the Republicans do, but at this point I would vote for an actual donkey before one of the radicals that have taken over the democratic party.

Unknown said...

It's too bad everyone seems to have missed the point. As a nation we have always had politicians, good and bad, and we've always had a two party system, which has been both good and bad. This is a statement as to our core values, those which made this a great nation. And someone is pleading for us to get back to those values. Right away everyone starts picking's sexist, it's anti-semetic, it's anti-union, etc.etc. The statement here is we are in trouble as a nation and we need to return to everyone be accountable and responsible for one's actions. This isn't Billy Clinton's fault, nor W's fault or Obama either.....this situation is our fault.....each and every one of us. Remember in this country "One Person" can make a difference. If we as a people, christian, jew, muslim, black, brown, white and yellow change our mindset today. If we start worrying more about our fellow man, our country and our planet and less about our self, then and only then, can we start to heal. "Ye who is without sin cast the first stone". 'Nuff Said!!!!

Unknown said...

At around 8:30 is very telling, "class warfare and pitting one group against another"..

Does it sound familiar?

Higgins said...

Skeeter, we didn't miss the point. I do hold true to those core values. But I don't run the country, I still have to vote for somebody. But if you can't see that obama is specifically subverting those values, then perhaps, my friend, you have missed the point.

Anonymous said...

Every time I feel the slightest glimmer of hope and salvation I read the posting of the sheep who swallow whatever BS they are being fed. WAKE UP AMERICA! This guy is Hitler re-incarnate and YOU elected him!! I agree completely with the previous Bush supporters - what EXACTLY has happened here, on our shores, since 9/11? What, you say? NOTHING? THAT'S THE $%&^*M point!! You think that was accidental? That the radical muslim extremists just gave up and went home? HOW NAIVE CAN YOU BE? History will show G. Bush as doing more for freedom and democracy world wide than anyone before or since! Is it 2012 yet?

Unknown said...

Liberals have taken the moral structer of this contry since the hippie days and turned it into a haven of corruption. The next time you vote never re-elect anyone that is in office. Vote for new people every time until someone finally gets the idea that we the people run this country not the lobbiest who own the polititions.

anahuy said...

For those of you who hold that this country was built on Christian principals, you need to read this:

Little-Known U.S. Document Proclaims America's Government is Secular:

E_Senator said...

Save this cartoon play it often!!!
The Old Media is the ISM seller!

Anonymous said...

We are able to make these comments because, and only because, we have been able to preserve that right for over 200 years. I believe that we will continue to do so because of, not in spite of, our individual intelligence. Sure, many people are easily swayed by media distortions of both sides of issues. A considerable amount of legislation is framed by special interests, from both parties, in ALL administrations. But just like Bush's favorablility ratings declined as people felt safer and more comfortable, so too has Obama's as people have started to recognize threats to their comforts rather than "more" comforts (ism's). This too shall pass. We the people will not give up our freedoms without a fight, one way or another. I just hope that we don't wait so long that the fight resembles what we see in other countries in the world who wish they had what we have.

Unknown said...

wow. This is so true for people today. We need to really think about signing away something so precious as freedom for the illusion of security. You really can't put a price tag on freedom. And the more you sign away bits and peaces of it, the harder it is to get it back. The state can never make better decisions for you than you can for yourself. I refuse to give up my freedom for anything.

cgoyette said...

This cartoon starting at 8:30 into the video says,

“When anyone preaches disunity, tries to pit one of us against the other through class warfare, race hatred, or religious intolerance, you know that person seeks to rob us of our freedom and destroy our very lives… and we know what to do about it!”

Interestingly, many in America and many commenting here are “preaching disunity” not “through class warfare, race hatred, or religious intolerance” but instead through partisan politics.

It’s time to admit that the Two-Party State is dead. The bickering we see in Congress is largely theatre. Both parties pledge allegiance to Big Government, putting its welfare before our own. They are draining us of our vitality by legislating away our freedoms and plundering our wealth. Middle-class America – the engine of our economy - is particularly vulnerable to the policies of Big Government. Anybody with his or her eyes open will realize that our current two-party system offers little choice except in which brand of socialism - Fascism or Marxism - we prefer.

The answer to our problems is easy. We must return to our constitutional roots. What does that mean? It simply means that we must wean ourselves from government entitlement and retake control of our individual destinies.

Returning to our constitutional roots means choosing individualism over socialism. Individualism is not selfish and does not imply Darwinian style “survival of the fittest”, as most socialists would suggest. Humanity is inherently moral. This is what separates us from the animal kingdom. It is our inherent nature to help those in need. However, this is an individual and community responsibility, not a governmental one.

The highly centralized, Big Government approach for providing our social welfare implies a one-size, fits-all solution. This strategy is impractical and highly inefficient. Consider what fraction of our tax dollars actually apply to the problems we are trying to solve. Most would be astounded to learn that as much as 75% of entitlement costs never leave Washington D.C. Would you willingly support a charitable organization where only 25% of your donation went to those you were trying to help?

I believe we should live by the old adage that charity begins at home. Government imposed charity is an oxymoron. Charity is the act of giving freely. There is no gift when one is obliged to give it. Where is the power in such a gift?

We must take back the power we have bestowed to those that represent us in the federal government. They have abused their privilege and now it is time for retribution. For love of country, let us take our power back by voting for those that are truly willing to represent our best interests. I suggest the following simple two-step process in the 2010 election:

Step One: If the incumbent truly represents the will of the people by upholding the principles of our Constitution, (almost all incumbents will fail this test) then give them your vote. Otherwise, proceed to step two.

Step Two: Cast your vote for the strongest candidate for office outside of the Democrat and Republican parties. In other words, just say NO to the Democrat and the Republican Party!

Spread this message to family, friends, and to your elected representatives. In so doing you become an activist! If the majority of the voters implement this simple voting strategy, we will transform our country literally overnight. This prospect should instill real hope for the American people instead of the pretense of hope under the phony mantra that suckered us into our current presidential disaster. Think about it!

Also, please see the comment written by Warren on October 15, 2009 5:46 PM who reflects on this video quite eloquently.

Anonymous said...

anahuy, the site you posted is very careful to get the founders to say what the keeper of the site's preconceived notions seem to be. I would wager that this self-proclaimed "historian" received his "education" over the past 40 years in state schools and universities where history and government departments are populated with 80+% liberal instructors that teach the the constitution is a living, ever evolving document and has little to say, in its original wording, to the 21st century's US citizens who live in a global world with a global economy with a degenerating environment brought on by man in ever developing technology that is in desperate need of large governmental entities to oversee our world and save our environment for future generations that will be ever more dependent upon government for their very existence.

Publius said...

Simply remember, a government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have. This is a basic tenit of freedom.

The people are sovereign. Sadly, it is We the People have become complicit in this unnatural change.
Slowly, we are evolving into the useful idiots of the government.

Stan said...

The time has come to stand up and revolt against all who fight against the OLD American way. Let's get back to basics by putting prayer back in school, the Ten Commandments back in courtrooms, and be able to fly our flag above all others.

Unknown said...

I liked the cartoon and the comments. Well done.

Unknown said...

I liked the cartoon and the comments. Well done.

Sandy said...

How quickly everyone is to lay blame on this administration, the last administration and even the one before that. It has taken years to get our country into the current state and yet we want to get out of it in a couple of months!! Who put those people in office? How well do we scrutinize what our politicians do? Do we check their voting records? Do we contact them with our thoughts, what we would like to see done? Do we do anything to put an end to the waste we see in government or do we just complain and fail to take action? We are all at fault for not taking ownership of OUR Country and making out legislators serve the common people instead of serving themselves by creating better wages, health and retirement benefits for themselves and leaving the middle class working people to fend for themselves as best they can. We have the right and the duty to put the politicians in office and we can replace them if they are not listening to their constituents. Politicians should never have been left in office without having made major contributions to the betterment of the country for all people and not just for a few, maybe it is best if they are allowed to serve only one term and then they may be willing to eliminate the cushy retirement benefits that they will not be able to receive and let the past legislators live on social security and meidcare benefits like the rest of us.
The comment about religion was based on the fact that this country was founded on christian religions and if the other religions don't feel comfortable in this environment they have the freedom to go to live where their particular type of religion is predominant, we will not detain them from seeking this choice. If they choose to live here they need to accept others religious practices without demanding that these practices be changed to fit their needs as that was the basis for founding this country.

Higgins said...

Sandy, you make a few good points, but you are illustrative of a new, disturbing trend. You agree things are messed up, but you refuse to put any of the blame on the current administration. I'm not a rabid anti-democrat. In fact, before obama I just respectfully disagreed with them. But he's not the leader of the Democratic party, he is the leader of a progressive movement that seeks to dismantle all of the institutions we conservatives hold dear. It didn't take years to spend trillions of dollars on crap programs, it only took obama a few months.
That said, I find your point of view preferable to the liberals, but not quite as realistic as the conservatives. What do we call it, kumbayyaism? Forgivenessism? Cantwealljustgetalongism?

Unknown said...


And I say this as a died-in-the-wool free-marketer and capitalist.

These are extraordinary times, and extraordinary measures are necessary.

The cartoon was right in describing the relationship between savers and investors, but it left out a critical intermediary: the banks.

The banking industry is unlike any other, as it is based fundamentally in the trust that promises will be upheld. The savers trust that they can withdraw their savings when they need to. The banks trust that their borrowers will repay their loans. Borrowers come to trust that loans will be available.

As in personal relationships, trust is a fragile thing. Once it becomes damaged, it can quickly collapse. If trust collapses in the banking industry, as nearly occured last year when Lehman went under, the nation's entire financial system will inevitably follow. A viscious cycle of layoffs, leading to a reduction in consumer spending, leading to more layoffs can take over. The essence of the capitalist model is destroyed.

This is what happened in the 1930's, and a milder version has crippled Japan's economy since the early 1990's.

These experiences have taught us that it's better to be safe than sorry, and that the best corrective action is a concerted increase in government spending, a restraint on taxation, and the release of cash (in the form of low interest loans) to the banks.

This is one of the primary functions of modern government: to act as a financial stabilizer when the economy gets into trouble.

As painful as it is, Obama did the right thing...the hard thing. I believe Bush would have done the same.

Unfortunately the viability of the idea that the government should act as a stabilizer, increasing public debt when public confidence has collapsed, requires that the government run a surplus when the economy is strong. Tragically, this is where our government has failed us.

Or is we who have failed ourselves?

Higgins said...

Whoa, Tom.

"These are extraordinary times, and extraordinary measures are necessary." My liberal brother tells me that. Isn't that exactly the same thing as "the end justifies the means"?

Japan's economy suffered for a decade precisely because they tried what obama is trying now, spend your way out of debt.

Banks are fundamentally anti-American, ala George Washington's version of America. Banks are what started the 2 party system, political infighting, etc. Read the history books. Understanding American history is the only way we will survive this. I am personally reading the biographies of every American president in an attempt to understand how this tragedy happened to us. (I am up to Polk.) Trust me, this has all been worked out already by bigger brains than the lame ones we have in Washington today. That's why liberals are teaching a false, revisionist version of history in our school systems, which they have taken over. Seriously, just read the damn books. It's all there in black and white.

Dr DonZi said...

This is an idealized America, then past and now present, although our American problems today are vastly more complicated and therefore considerably more confusing.

But this following principle should always guide Americans: love of country first and always, but always correct her faults when necessary.

And this corollary: America is the greatest country on the face of the earth or ever will be!!

The greatest and simplest enlightened document ever written by humans is The Constitution of the United States of America and its Bill of Rights following The American Declaration of Independence. All else is far secondary.

The Religion of America is and has always been tolerance of others views.

What America needs above all else today is a New Generation of Sons of Liberty to guide her thru these difficult and most confusing times.

Don Saar,, Relativity Calculator,

Unknown said...

It doesn't matter which administration is in power, they use that power for political gain and the American People loose a little more Freedom. The one ISM that the cartoon left out was CAPITALISM. Capital is a good thing. Wish I had more of it. The previous and current administrations provided capital to the private industry and they hoarded it, gave it to the leadership that drove their companies into the ground and didn't provide the opportunities to the people that could have turned that capital into a brighter future. Did you notice none of the capitalist in the cartoon, kept their money in a bank or invested it into the stock market. It was under their bed or burried in the back yard. Not exactly what President Reagan had in mind. It all boils down to capitalism creates greed, greed creates corruption. Quit looking for the Administration (Blue or Red) to help you. Be willing to fight for your freedoms and be willing to give up your ipods, wii and some of the foreign crap you don't need and support our farmers, construction workers and mass transportation that we do need. We are always going to have poor. Come up with a way to restore the dignity of the down and out and weed out the lazy, irresponsible people that get in line at take what they don't need just because they can. Quit giving fish and start teaching people to fish. If you can, volunteer and look for people that can benifit from what you have to offer. There are more of us than there are of them so each person doing their part can turn this wellfare state arround.

Higgins said...

"be willing to give up your ipods, wii and some of the foreign crap you don't need and support our farmers, construction workers and mass transportation that we do need"

Larry, that's nuts. I don't want to give up anything except the jackass in the Whitehouse. I want to go back to the days when Americans were proud of being the most voracious consumers on Earth. I want to consume more than I produce. I want other countries to kiss our ass because we are militarily superior. I want what I produce. I want the rest of the world to suffer while I thrive. I want people who won't work to starve to death. I want Africa to continue to suffer because they are backward. I want the proper order of things to be restored. I work, I produce, I enjoy the results of that. Everyone else is free to do the same or stfu.

lophtbnd said...

McCarthyism at its finest.

Unknown said...

All of our elected officials should be required to watch this video. Perhaps then they may realize all they are doing to our society.

Unknown said...

Leaving out other religions? Doesn't the narator specifically state "freedom to worship" and "all races, creeds and faiths"?

Honestly, don't burn up so many calories missing the point. If one wishes to lay blame... one needs to go back to the beginning of the 20th century and the "progressive movement". Pointless, really as the message needs to be heeded now, rather than people picking the straw man and bickering amongst themselves... which is also part of the message being missed here. Now wonder Congress believes the electorate to be mindless cattle. They may be right.

Juliox said...

America has always been a combination of capitalism and socialism. Even before the founding of the first public library and the Post Office, both by Ben Franklin, there have been socialist institutions founded in this country that provide great benefit to us all. Americans who rant and rave against "socialism" obviously want to give up their local and state police departments, their fire departments, their public schools, their state colleges, their libraries, the US armed forces, medicaid, medicare, social security, their state and interstate highway system, the US Postal System, federal law enforcement agencies, unemployment checks and food stamps, and many other beneficial institutions and agencies. It is interesting to see how many US senators and congressmen are currently using single-payer health care but are on record as being against "socialized medicine," including even Wrong Paul. I think the next country-wide election should have a check box on the ballot that says "I'm against socialism and I agree not to use any of the above listed social services." That will really help bring down this budget deficit in a hurry.

Unknown said...

It is unbelievable that people would get so hung up on the little issues in this video and not see the big picture. I am Native American and to be quite honest, we never had any of these problems before the "white man" came here looking for "religious freedom, freedom from unfair taxes, etc." and look what he has done since he been here! If you aren't happy with the way it is going here, go back to the home land of your ancestors and see if it is any better. We didn't ask for your people to come here and bring this crap in the first place!

wfred said...

Somehow we must rise above all of this and stop trying to find the answer outside of ourselves. Blaming others doesn't work, trying to protect America and ignore the problems of the world doesn't work. We are all in this life together regardless of where we live. We all need to see that we are viewpoints of God and that Christ lives in all of us. Unconditional Love for each other and for ourselves is the only thing that will change our world. Being in service to self will not bring the change we need, only selfless service only by finding Self. Quit judging others and work on yourself, be the change you want to see in the world, don't fight evil, work toward good.

Solefisher said...

I'd like to suggest that this is not about Republican or Democrat, they are both as bad as one another. We are being set up by a cabal of men who are influenced by Satan. He has long desired to have his man sit on the throne of the world and be the one ruler over Planet Earth. We that are Christians have read this in the Holy Scriptures. He will seat himself in the Temple of God which is soon to be built in Jerusalem. The antichrist will come as a savior--that's why he is called antichrist. This spirit is at work in our world manipulating governments and individuals to have it's own way. 2 Thessalonians 2:4 shows us what is ahead--world government, and we are watching it happen before our eyes

Anonymous said...

Does Joseph McCarthy ring a bell? Remember what he did and what the Communist Democrat Party did to him? Could it be that Joe was right and we have been sold a bill of goods for decades-demeaned a man who was shining the light of truth of the Democrat party way back in the 50's.

We have communist leadership in congress and the White House is it time for someone to stand up against these SNAKE DOCTORS-do we need another Joseph McCarthy---where are you JOE we need you now!

Kelley said...

First, to the idiot, Robert, who said the flag was backward, lest he look again, it is correct. The stars are in the upper-left corner(just as they should be)
Secondly, while you are looking ever so closely at your incorrect posture of the flag, you trample on it with the words you write. You were half correct with your statement of security. Actually, the quote was from Jefferson, who said,"The man who would choose security over freedom deserves neither."
Finally, If you are more concerned about the whistling, and the mother in church (which is her right), rather than the POINT being made in the cartoon, maybe you should stick to SpongeBob. It may be more your speed.

James Singletary said...

I can see our freedoms slipping away with this new president of ours. Now that the left wing of our country is in control many of our banks car compines and now their trying to take over our health care and who's going to receive care and on a liminted bases. WHAT NOW

Unknown said...

I agree with cgoyette thru his/her first 3 paragraphs although I disagree with the contention that each party is in allegiance with "Big Government" because they are in league with "Big Business". You say that the 2 party system offers us only the choice of Fascism or Marxism but in reality our current system leaves us with the false choice of Fascism (republicans) or Fascism-but-I-will-tell-you-its-not (democrats).

Who benefits when we as a PEOPLE start fighting and bickering amongst ourselves? Big multi-national corporations that reduce us to wage slaves; putting money and greed before our families, our communities and our faith.

People are obviously concerned about "Big Government" eroding our sovereignty as a nation while we are content to head to the nearest Wal-Mart and spend our earnings on a bunch of crap we don't need. We don't seem to notice that this practice does nothing but put our nation's wealth in a big funnel that ends in the biggest communist state left in the world- China.

Wall street, along with their buddies on Madison Ave., and in Hollywood distract us with shiny things that we HAVE to buy buy buy. They tell us how busy we are working to buy all this shiny stuff that we obviously don't have time to participate in our democracy. Meanwhile they control all the strings of government and ensure that they get the best end of any deal! (Did you get bailed out or did these multi-nationals?)

The first thing we need to do as a nation is to is to pass a constitutional amendment that specifically outlaws the idea of "corporate civil rights". It is ridiculous that business should have the same rights as an individual. Ending this absurd custom would effectively return government to it's rightful place of being of and for the PEOPLE of the United States.

In order for this to happen and for us to continue being a successful democracy we need to burn our TV's and start participating in our democracy. This means less time watching the tube, and more time spent taking action. Make time to let the PEOPLE's voice be heard at all levels of government. Don't sit on your hands griping about "Government" - write to your representative (a lot!) sit in on a county commission session. Don't leave your kids to rot their brains in front of another Hollywood load of crap - take them to the state capital and show them how democracy works and teach them how it _should_ work. Instead of spending money on that shiny geegaw so artfully advertised send your money supporting 3rd party candidates and parties more aligned with your values. If you don't, it shows your are fine with Big Business holding the reigns!

It is time to start focusing on what has made this country strong - our PEOPLE and our democracy - not republicans, not democrats, not capitalism, not socialism, not marxism, not godism not atheism and certainly not fascism. Wake up Americans it is time truly take our country back!

Danny Waters said...

Wow! That was very prophetic! However, I believe it's more ng of Obama-bashing. I know he would never sacrafice the ideals of our country, mostly because of his daughters.We want the best for our children, and I truly believes he does too.
Why are we always pointing fingers? I was down the Jersey Shore this summer, and believe me I did not see any signs of a Recession. In addition, everywhere I go people seem to be shopping like crazy!
Besides, Obama WILL win another term. There is nobody out there that has a chance to defeat him. Instead of pointing fingers, we should join together and make this country what it should be.

m-mman said...

There were however some very important freedoms that were left out of this animation.

1. The freedom to FAIL (you don't always win)
2. The freedom to STRUGGLE and suffer as you EARN success (success is satisfying only when it is earned)
3. The freedom to exercise POOR JUDGMENT (and suffer because of your poor decisions)
4. The freedom to realize your ideas/behaviors were WRONG (and having to live with the results of your actions)

The film talks about freedoms. What is not discussed is that all our freedoms have as their foundation PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Without sound personal responsibility, it is like building a house on a sandy beach. It might look good until the weather gets rough, then it all falls down.

The problems we face is that citizens want things handed to them. They forgot the COSTS of freedoms.

Warren said...

Friends, brothers and sisters, I am afraid many of you are missing my point. We can save our Nation and we will find the way in the Bible. And here's the thing: if we fail to find it in the Bible we will fail to find it.

We will not find it in the Democrat Party or the Republican Party, no matter how we try to rebuild them, because each is fundamentally wrong for this country. There is but one hope for us: that we will reunite as we were built, as one Nation under GOD. You, brothers and sisters, may disagree with me, and you are free to do so. but I expect you will do so at your peril, and at mine.

I hope enough of us will turn from our wicked ways and embrace God so He will heal our land, as He has promised to do. There is no other hope.

Ken1369 said...

Danny your delusional because Obama's children go to PRIVATE SCHOOLS and have PRIVATE TUTORS and if you don't they would be exempt from the same healthcare that they (the government)are trying to jam down all our throats.
Right or left,they are PROGRESSIVISTS and they are bankrupting this country.....


Whole2th said...

Banksters are looting all of us. Watch the following movies on Google Videos:


Unknown said...

m-mman hit the nail on the head. There is no more personal responsibility. Being "politically correct" will be the downfall of this country.

Unknown said...

Char / Stitchary was the only one to get it: DISUNITY TEARS US APART! Those who used their post to attack anyone who disagrees with them didn't get it. As long as the media and politicians keep us at each other's throats they win and we lose.

Unknown said...

I think this is great. Differnt opinions, points of view. This is healthy and good when people come together and express their thoughts in a civil manner. I have some questions for all of you. how many of you have actually read the Constitution? How familiar are you with our Judicial system? How many Amendments are in the Constitution? In what year was the last Amendment ratified? Can you pass a citizenship test? (insert silence and chirping crickets here!). I find when discussing politics, most people are very emotional instead of educated. this is not an attack but more an observation. I can not put much credibility in someone's opinion about the state of our union when they are unable to answer some simple questions about how our system works. If you feel the system has to change or be fixed you should know how it works. That way you can be effective. Spend some time, educate yourself. That is the best way I can think of to be an American.

William Perry said...

Danny: If you believe that I have some land in Florida that I will make you a good deal. obama will have this country broke before his first term is up much less winning a second term The way things are going if we make it through the next 3+ years the GOP could run a muskrat against him and win. Look at the damage he has done - most of it during his first 90 days. If he gets the health bill and the cap and tax bill passed it's all over. I hate to be so pessimistic (and I served through two wars helping to defend this country) and it is unbelievable what he has done and will do. So far as his daughters are concerned he will pick them up and move to a muslim nation - if he can't turn this nation into one.

Unknown said...

Lora, it is abysmal, not abismal. You shouldn't criticize others until yours is perfect.

Tom Loughridge said...

The strongest point made by this cartoon is the need to work together, not try to torpedo the other party's ideas simply because they came from the other party. Our nation has been taken over by selfish interests and we will need some regulation to get us back on track. A nation without laws is called anarchy. The laws and regulations should be in place to protect rich and poor alike. During the last administration the rich and powerful received a terribly unbalanced advantage. John Q. Public must insist that our government try to again strike the balance that made our country the most powerful force in the world before we lose all our hard-earned respect from other nations. We can only do that when all factions stop the senseless name-calling and work for the good of the nation, not just a privileged few.

Anonymous said...

No blacks. No Hispanics. Not even any Asians in this cartoon. Also, no Jews. The cartoon is a perfect picture of the Republican Party today, and the primary reason why it is 6 decades behind the times.

Rick Taylor said...

Sorry johnrj08, If you look closer you will see black and asian kids and even a arab in the cartoon. I guess The republican party is made up of all types. Huh?
count me one.

Unknown said...

Gordon:Is there a reset button somewhere our forefathers forgot to tell us about?

Aranna said...

I'm scared too,
!!!!!!!!!Americans have got to remember the lessons from the past!!!!!
The idea of allowing the government to take over health care is terrifying. just as this cartoon shows, If this new health care system is so great, than why won't congress and the and the PRESIDENT use it??? And why all of a sudden enact a bill stating that the government doesn't have to use the new public health care plan??.

I'm not sure if it is proper to blame the last president, He didn't bomb the trade centers, and I think if we hadn't struck back, we would have already had a nuke dropped on American soil. Virtually the entire middle east wants us dead, and we have a president that came out of nowhere, kissing ass on the same people... I am very scared.

oldpink said...

I just had to sit and shake my head at Victor, who seems to believe that protecting us from maniacal terrorists bent on our destruction is an impeachable offense, while deliberately nationalizing as much of the economy as possible, under the guise of "fixing the mess" is nothing to even get worried about.
No, he considers it just great that Obama is out to "find a better way."
Uh, would that "better way" be just another bottle of that "Ism?"

As for Robert J. Sodaro, kindly run along now and get a freaking life!
You fume and whine about some political incorrectness, completely ignoring the central point of a CARTOON?
Uh, it's a cartoon, so some things are thrown in largely for the sake of humor, plus the times were slightly different.
Some would say worse (you), while others would say better (me).
I say better because at least we weren't inundated with the New Castrati, constantly running around just WAITING to be offended in an attempt to belittle meaningful political discussions.
I don't believe for one second that you don't understand that, as your real intention is to attempt to get others to ignore the actual point.
And, if you really don't get it, well then, it's not our fault that you can't see the forest for the trees.
Grow up, guy.

Monna said...

Yes, we should have refused F. Roosevelt's lies about a better life if the federal government controlled our savings and then LBJ and Medicare. None of what is happening today is the result of any one administrations, but the insidious giving up of our choices and loss of freedoms. The federal government wanting "to take care of us" is the same as slavery--the owners took care of the slaves so they could continue working to make the owners rich. I'd rather work to support capitalism and create more for those who work than the fat cats in government who have no idea what it is like to do an honest day's work.

Unknown said...

In another 50 years or so, Christians will be in the minority and Muslims will be the majority. It's already happening in France, England and Italy, where there are not enough births to keep the Christian or Judeo culture alive. So, what will happen when we are ruled by Sharia law and we must submit? What will happen to our freedom then? It's beginning here, where God is taken out of our lives a little bit at a time and being replaced by--what? Our country was founded on Judeo/Christian values, not just Christian. Anyone who thinks the Muslim religion espouses freedom must take a second look at the countries that are ruled by Sharia law.....

Ellen said...

The term "Government" is simply a word that the means God over men. The God of Chritians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. is the same God. When we live by the Golden Rule, which is according the the will and law of God, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," we will have lived up to the standards and law of the One who desires that first and foremost our souls be free. From that foundation, we can live in a country, a society and a world that is meant to prosper and enjoy the fruits of freedom. Yet, we have free will, and some choose to exercise this free will in ways that enslave their soul and that of their fellow man. That is the message I get from this cartoon. It is up to each one to choose this day whom we will serve. Let freedom ring throughout this great land and the world!

Jedi Gert said...
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Jedi Gert said...

How terribly sad, all of you. Shame shame! The cartoon says stay united to keep bad things from happening.. so you bicker and point fingers. It says WE have the right to speak up, but have you in a way that will actually help?

Obama, Bush, Clinton, Regan, Carter, Ford.. are and were not the problem.

We are ruining our own lives. We allow companies to treat people however, banks take advantage of us instead of voting with our feet out the door. We vore for those not qualified for government jobs because we like their smile or what they promised but do. Is what we personally want really what's best for the majority anyways? Or is it just what we want for ourselves.

All of you who vilify those in office, can YOU yourself do a better job? If so, run for office.

If not, shut up and grow up. While you sit around whining, I wonder about food stamps this week. A socialist service provided by our government so people like my fiance and I, hard working folk who just wanted a job, earn a paycheck, and laid off permanently. Neither of us is lazy, made mistakes or was a 'bad' employee. We're just the result of business decisions.

So I appologize for being a socialist. I'd like to eat, pay my rent and utility bills. I own a 14 year old car and used furnature from the charity store and our monthy expenses are $1200 and we have a hard time making them even with financial help. Bet YOU couldn't live on $600 per person for a month? Or imagine it.

Sorry I'm a burden on you folks who seem to think I should starve in the street.

We'd LOVE to be back in work, but we arn't. You there right winger, blaming and pointing the finger and assuming everyone who has to ask for assistance thinks oh gee, now I can sit on my butt at home watching cable. Most of us are ashamed.

FDR spent money as well. It was called helping those desperatly in need. My grandparents lived through the Depression. FDR was vilified by idiots like you too. Idiots who still had a job and no concept what it's like to worry will I have a roof over my head tomorrow and if not, where will I put the few things I own? Is great grandma's hutch worth selling? What about my great aunt's silver tea service that's been handed down four generations to me?

You haters all just as brainless as you accuse others of being. Trouble is, like so many other brainless people, you think it's everyone else.

Trust me folks. It's you. It's all of us. We all failed together. So dig yourself out or dig someone else out but stop sitting on your thumbs while you point fingers unless you like it that way.

There's enough for everyone. Even me.

The only thing that makes ME different from YOU is that in spite of these things, I remember the lessons my grandparents taught about economic troubles, you hunker down, help who you can, and try to make the best of it instead of blaming everyone else for your problems.

I don't blame my company for letting me go, they had to make cut backs somewhere to survive too. Like I did to keep a roof over my head. Eventually I'll find another job and thank God for socialist unemployment that we all paid taxes on in case this happens to us.

You folks, are afraid of the wrong things. Bush took away a ton of civil librety with the patriot act and you all said yup yup national security, but Obama tries to help some people who can't even afford to go to the doctor if they are sick and you throw up your hands and cry slavery. Oh yah, helping the downtrodden, that's real Hitler like. Real evil that one.

More of you agree with Rush anyway so more than likely you should look to him for your antichrist.

Everyone thougth Christ was a troublemaker in his time and they stuck him to a tree. I think I'll throw my hat in with the guy on the cross. Even if he is a so called Christi.. er I mean socialist.

LarryO said...

Cherokeelady I wish to enlighten you a bit. I am a white male and I too am a Native American because I was born right here in this country and probably long before you ever came on the scene. I am sick and tired of people like you who think you are a member of a special interest group, or should I say "special priviledge" group just because you are of a certain heritage. You have no more rights or priviledges in this country than anyone else who is here legally and have no right to criticize me just because I complain when I think the country is not being run correctly. Wake up already.

Patty said...


brianinorlando said...

When a person is admitted to the hospital and during their stay is given a couple of aspirins and then is billed $20 for them that's wrong. To complain that fuel is $3 a gallon why we stand in line to pay with a credit card with a 12% rate while buying a bottled water for close to what it cost you to buy that gas, (and think about all that goes into making that gallon of gas) while the water is free and other than being filtered well , wait..... Oh yea it's, "free"! Who should we blame? Everyone is to blame. Me, you, them, those people over there. We all are to blame.

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed reading all of this...we all see and know the problem...we are the problem. We have allowed this to happen to our country. We have stopped standing up for what we believe in and just wishing for it to happen. Some of the comments are hitting the nail on the head. Get informed, get involved, get heard, make a change. get active.
To blame any ONE person or few persons is wrong. WE are ALL guilty. There are some people who work hard and are productive members of our country and then there are those who ride the backs of those expecting a it is owed to them. We need a healthy economy, not wisking our jobs away to other countries we have become to proud to do manual labor and wisk it off to "illegals" who are here why because we are to proud to get dirty doing honest work,no we want technology which is rotting away our society, leading us astray from what is really going on.
To blame one party, one person is wrong. I did not vote for Obama but he is our President, and like time of old I will suport him, and pray and do what I can to make changes that are neccesary to get back on track. Obama can propose anything he wants but it is up to the house and the senate to pass it. the president can what it can still be voted over by the senate/house. We ignore that it has to be passed in the house/senate. The president is on of 354 people in control of 300 million. The people who are leaching from our system..using it and abusing term limits raise reductions government health care there..big retierment for life..never understood that...Statesman/woman is a person who looks for the future not for the next election. A person of integrity, honesty, someone who is looking for the future of our children not their own pocket book. Get rid of lobbist, set term limits, vote new blood in. It has been said by others there is NO FEAR of WE THE PEOPLE, we need to get envovled, vote, campaign, be active members of this country not nay sayers sitting on the sidelines complaining. We need to take our country back, not be afraid to do Honest work, quit buying all that junk we don't really need, act like responsible american citizens, teach our children what to do and not let the computers, video games, tv and everyting else corrupt our/their future.

Unknown said...

I just read all of the posts here and was truly saddened by the fact that no one put the blame where it truly lies, WE are to blame, we voted every member of congress and the presidency to office. Just as We can remove them. when I started voting I was a democrat, when I started paying attention to politics I changed to the republican party, in the last decade I saw what was happening and changed parties again. How many of you just vote democrat or republican when election time comes? If you don't like what your representatives are doing vote them out of office. I wonder how many of you, like myself in the past just ignored the "3rd party" candidates? I started checking them out and found out that some of them agreed with what I believe. So I changed parties again. Well I challenge you, check out the 3rd parties websites and find out what they believe. The truth is there is not a lot of difference between a dem or repub today, Bush was liberal and Obama is liberal. In closing I would like to say we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Unknown said...

If this cartoon - and all the comments & thoughts it generated - is the only thing that wakes us up, then it has more than done its duty! Lots of food for thought, that's for sure! And I was just thinking that this sort of "civics" needs to be taught in more middle and high schools today - before our children are COMPLETELY brainwashed by the hard ideological Left's propoganda machine in most of today's schools!

Unknown said...

wow thats all. just wow

Unknown said...

Amazing how clearly the cartoonist saw things 61 years ago. The "Great War" was still fresh in most peoples minds. They knew all too well the cost of the freedoms they had won. And today it seems the majority seem to be willing to give them away in trade for a false security. The only thing standing in the way of the "One World Order" is the USA. It seems that we have been offered up on a platter to those designing it. Once we give in there will be NO TURNING BACK.
Control of this nation must be wrested from the hands of those who would so willingly who think they will get special places in this new world government. Once the controls of the capital machine are in their hands, nothing will be the same and all freedoms...for all citizens, will disappear.

Unknown said...

just an average working stiff here without significant education or benefit of being well read.but for bleeding heart Robert to throw out the "presupposed Christian America" card is ridiculous!! That was a nine minute cartoon-even i can figure out that if every denomination had gotten even a snippet of mention we'd be sitting here til Obama gets his own holiday(even though every other President is celebrated "en masse")!Now since im a stone mason should i be upset that the masonry field wasnt used instead of the auto industry?of course not!!im afraid it all goes back to this new liberalist trend of "Everyone gets to play,everyone gets a ribbon". Im sorry folks but not everyone is a winner-its just the way it is-and its ok!why do we remember the names of Lewis and Clark:because they got of their asses,risked life and limb,suffered countless miseries and just plain did it-thats why!school districts all across our great country are doing away with the honor of Valedictorian because "it makes the other students feel like they didnt do well enough"well guess what THEY DIDNT!!!!We are currently seeing the most effort-complacent,work-shy,government will pay me anyway generation in the history of our country.Lets start with the things we can directly affect every day in our own homes-----RAISE OUR CHILDREN OURSELVES!!!!!

Unknown said...

Yup, we need to run Barack and company out of this country for sure! All his supporters seem to believe in snake oil!

Rodney said...

Exodus 22:28
Thou shalt not revile the gods (president, king etc.), nor curse the ruler of thy people.

2 Peter 2:10
But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness and despise government. Presumptuous are they, selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities.

Unknown said...

i dont know but-democrat, republican third party doesnt mean a damn thing to me anymore!our own materialism has put control of this country squarely where it does the most damage-welcome to CORPORATE AMERICA people!!

Unknown said...

whoa Rodney!! dId you write that urself? your going to have to break that 2000 year old often misinterpreted lingo for me.did you just ompare the worlds "modern" leaders to God/gods?and by the way i do believe if you study further you will find that in 1 Samuel 24:6 the rulers refered to are those appointed by The Lord himself not elected by the people of any one country.....or should we just sit back and let them do as they please.....just curious.

brice said...

This cartoon is right on the money. The problem is that color TV's did not happen until around 1953. The quality of the color tells me that it was produced much later than that. At best, I would imagine that this was created around the early 70's to late 60's.

That does not change the context of the cartoon though. The core issues, regardless of what many of the other poster's are talking about, are still referring to freedom being better than government control.

I recommend this cartoon for everyone.

1linuxfreak said...

Some of the Cartoon is very enlightening , but Unions are not our friends and Automobiles are not the answer to our troubles , seems pro-union and pushing the love of Automobiles was a theme of this Cartoon , the UAW is and was never the average Americans friend .
100 years ago cars where something to behold , society should realize there is nothing new to offer in automobiles , in the 1900s there were Hybrids , electric, and steam , so noting is new except hydrogen . Automobiles are not a investment but a burden , help America cut NASA and bust up the UAW , remember the UAW took billions from Americans to fund their lavish lifestyle on our money , which we will never get back .

Rick Taylor said...

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.
Thomas Jefferson

It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.
Thomas Jefferson

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.
Thomas Jefferson

My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
Thomas Jefferson

No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.
Thomas Jefferson

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
Thomas Jefferson

Rodney said...

The Word of God is unchanging Don. God is still in control of all things. Looking for ways to make peace is the right way. You have the right idea looking in Samuel though. Look at King David. His own son, Absalom, spoke against him and turned the heart of Israel away from king David. It was like a snowball effect after that. Sheba in 2Samuel 20 spoke a word and all of Israel followed him. Only Judah clave to the king. Criticism does damage and is not pleasing to God. If these blogs encouraged people to pray for the government then we might be able to touch the heart of God to help.

kennelqueen said...

Brice, et al: This was not produced as a "cartoon": although animation was the chosen format. It was one of many "patriotic" productions developed after WWII. I remember seeing it in my grade school in the 50's. These films had a l-o-n-g shelf life and were available as educational tools. The general message was that the USA was the best but that we were always in danger of having that greatness taken away. Coming from the generation that was taught that hiding under a school desk would be protection from the atom bomb, I have grown up with a healthy scepticism of swallowing any propaganda without dissecting its message and intent.
Having also witnessed the McCarthy era, shame on those who hold him up as a model for America. He was the total antithesis of what America is all about. Hearsay, coercion, threats, and black-balling are the tools of a tyrant.
Healthy discussion is essential for our way of life to continue. Thanks to all who use this platform for discussion rather than propaganda and fear-mongering.

Unknown said...

“The government now treats the incompetent individuals who did not do the right thing, who purchased houses, and cars they could not afford, and the businesses who wreck their companies, as victims, while treating those resourceful business owners who manage to make a profit and feed families as recipients of illegitimate gains”.
At the end of the day you had better remember that all this money comes from the profits of businesses. If capitalism is the golden goose and profits are the golden egg, why are you allowing the destruction of the golden goose by the implementation of socialism?

You can take every corrupt business in the United States add them all together and they are not even in the same hemisphere as the corruption, waste, and arrogance of our own elected officials, a.k.a. the U.S. Government, yes I am talking about you.

Bruce said...

As a point of reference, I was born in 51 when Harry S. Truman was president, so I've been around the block more than once.I'll adress this question to Victor although he's not the only one who has mentioned this.For all of you like Victor who laments "the rights we surrendered under Bush".I want you to name me just ONE right you surrendered. Just one will do. That phrase is so ridiculous! And while you're at it give me a realistic example of that lost right and how it has directly affected your life. It's the old axiom of if you tell a lie often enough people start to believe it. Horse manure indeed.

bgj1 said...

This cartoon probably seems more far-fetched to more people today than it did in 1948. The public education system was better back then.

Trucker Dude said...

I didn't read all the comments, but the ones I did read seemed to miss the fact that it was done at the beginning of the Cold War and all the anti-Communist hysteria of that era. If we want to point fingers, let's start way before this all the way back to Abe Lincoln when he started the slide away from our Constitution.

It can be viewed from many angles and reminds me of the old Indian parable of the blind men and the elephant. Each one feels something different because they focus only on that body part. "It's a tree." "No, it's a snake." Etc. No one administration or party can take all the credit/blame for the changes in our government.

Unknown said...

I have read most of the comments and while many people have good points some have been missed.
A comment about the strength of the country comes from our "melting pot" philosophy misses one point. With all the moves of being politically correct we see society pushing us apart. No longer is it that people are expected to become Americans, now they just move in and become "Some nation"-Americans (notice how the country of origin is fist making it more important).
A comment about religion says that most of the founding fathers were Christians, some refuting that. This is not the core issue with the concept put forth in the cartoon. The core concept in the cartoon is about the beliefs common to many religions.
I weep at the idea of the fractionating of this nation. It is society pitting one group against another based on religion, nationality of origin, wealth, and other areas. Consider if we as a nation would be so fractured if something as simple as saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school. I can understand the reason it was removed but at the same time I ask why not have it revert to it's original format, which would remove the "under God". Something that simple showing our children daily that we are one people united together. Instead of the screams of all the politically correct Nazis out there making sure that our divisions are in our face.

shorty573 said...

I really agree with Ester. I watch this cartoon I reread some of the comments. It is very scary to know what are government is doing and the things were going through.People don't realized it is getting worst not better. And are government is not helping. By hurting everybody and making the economy and the jobs so bad.It is time for us to speak and tell the government to quit taking our freedoms away.

Unknown said...

Everyone that is arguing right now on who is right and wrong and whether or not Democrats or Republicans will do better are truly imbeciles. Be an American by appreciating this country for what it is and if you don't like what is going on in the government stand up and speak to your governor or city council member. Don't fool yourself into believing that you are doing anything or being patriotic at all by arguing on this website.

Unknown said...

Sharing view points and agreeing is completely fine to do but if you have a big enough issue where you see it fit to call out another's name and argue, then i would suggest bringing it to your city council and talk to them abut it there.

Unknown said...

This sounds like Obama and his damn socialism today. That's where this country is headed. Mr. President is going to turn us all into slaves.

Unknown said...

I can't believe that people would watch this cartoon, which is full of provocative thought and good information, and the only thing they take away from it is:

"If someone smiles and talks smoothly, they're probably trying to take your freedoms away."

I think the reality is... the people this video is really trying to talk to just don't have the mental capacity to truly get the message. These are probably the same people who think I'm on their side.

MikeB said...

Why are we trying to place blame on those people that represent us, have any of you voiced what you expect our goverment to do? We havew forgotten that we the people are the goverment for our nation and the politions are the persons elected by us to do as we feel is good for us the people. Instead what we have is a bunch of people wishing to place blame on anyone but themselves because we are to lazy to get off our own butts and tell our elected officials including the President what we what. Think about the cartoon and then think about the CEO of GM being terminated because the goverment told them to do it, since when did the constitution get rewritten allopwing goverment to get into the private companies. Remember this saying " A goverment strong enought top give you anything you want, is also strong enought to take it all away. " I am not sure but I believe that was said by one of our founding fathers.

Unknown said...

Robert: Who were the many founding fathers who were not Christian? Can you name them or are you just repeating what you've heard somewhere? Do you know this from primary sources or from the works of historical revisionists?

It's a common tactic of revisionists to make unsupported statements of 'fact' because they know most people won't have the knowledge to call them on it. In this way, revisionists (most of whom support extreme liberalism) prey on and even depend on the gullibility of the masses to create a perception of truth. As one such person once tried to tell me, 'perception is reality'. I don't buy it.

So, if you care to list the names of our non-Christian founders, let's verify your assertion that there were 'many'.

Unknown said...

P.S. The Constitution gives us a mechanism for correcting the direction of government through the voting process. It is ultimately OUR responsibility to check government. But in order to do so, we must become a more engaged and literate people. Ultimately, what's good or bad about the government is simply a reflection of the good or bad in society.

Facebook.Com/FindCash said...

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Regnad Kcin said...

To: Sodaro: I read along, until I got to your response noting your opinion that the cartoon presupposes a Christian America,. I disagree, the film clearly states that each can have their own religion, then it does show "mom bringing her family to church" I see it as really “saying” that women are religious and bring their families to a place of worship, it was, and that the woman’s relationship to the family has that common element, and as such the scene is meant as a "most common example,” and intended through that one example to imply all faiths.

It has the sexist element, briefly, but fitting in with the perceptions of the times. You must have also noted the manner in which all the characters were drawn, they were all oversimplified characterizations and drawn based on perceptions common at the time.

It is a time piece in that respect.

To Esther, I can’t imagine you have not heard someone respond to your complaint that “people blame Bush” and not laughed at you full, long and hard. That man should commit suicide as far as I’m concerned because I don’t believe in the death penalty, and I couldn’t execute him, even if offered the chance, though I imagine I could be pressured. He can best serve himself, his country and the world by apologizing for being the great global village idiot and putting and end to his sorry life.

Peterpica … please, hardly a fair or just comparison, wake up and smell the coffee.

Lynn on a prayer:

Bush kept us safe for eight years? Apparently you forgot about 9/11, that was well into the insane gibbering idiot’s reign as resident of select of the US. He is a fascistic cannibal and needs follow the advice I gave him in my response to Esther, see above. As to other things you say, corruption is corruption is corruption and the whole system is rife with it. Very little chance of reestablishing democracy for the moment, not with the worthless slugs calling themselves Republicans chewing the fat up in DC, while sucking us all off.

Regnad Kcin said...


The prior administration was a disaster in every field, security: see 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq, the failed war on terror. With foreign relations see: the influence of the US is in retreat everywhere as competing international collaborations build strength and influence. Then, for domestic policies and failures, see: the waylaying of any real domestic reforms in the face of a growing sect of crises that have weakened the social fabric, the quality of public dialogue, the transparency of law, elections and government, and the endangering of many, many lives both at home and abroad. Oh I guess you wouldn’t call our failed health system, the purposeful marketing of cigarettes and the death rate among those who do get care, a problem? And then there was the setting loose of a set of parasitic individuals whose social awareness is nil, whose unparalleled greed was simply astonishing in scope and breadth and whose positions in the Bush “administration” was at best rife with conflicts of interest. Then as to efficiency and effectiveness, need I say more that Katrina, although I COULD go on – to housing, banking, investing and job loss. Then, in the “building civilization category, we have team Bush’s attacks upon the Bill of Rights, Posse Comitas and other civilized conveniences such as trial, having a jury and facing you accusers all of which Bush beat at or dented in his ham handed, bull headed way. And while we cannot ignore the effects of a sold out media, serving as his ever willing whore and more, he was the man with the plan but what was it exactly? Judging from the results, I mean to say. What planet are you from?

The limits of the success the US had during his hapless run in with the US presidency demonstrates our declining influence in the world, the best we’ve been able to do is to pit India and China against each other and hope for the best, or worst rather, and then to profit. And while war might be a nice “pick me up”, even now, even the threat of the cost is prohibitive.

You say you are military and you actually can voice any support for the president who cut combat wages, denied required medical exams before deployment, went with “the army you have” and that quote from a man who never went to war, in fact take a look at the military records of the “men” in his administraton, starting with Cheney who got out of Vietnam because of boil on his butt and because he had “more important things to do”

Get real and get a life.


Agreed, a mix of JFK, Truman and Regan might just do the trick. To bad we cannot clone. However, as to the quality of discourse the large media and hijacking of any real news show is as important as voting, almost.

Robert Sodaro, yes the founding fathers were not Christians as the born again people or the religious right would call them, that’s for sure.

Mary 99979

Right on.


Right on, the corruption through the whole system. Maybe government is the biggest “bubble” of them all. Politicians tell us that it is too big to fail and thus we must to this or that in order to “save the country”. That is their trump card, their magic bullet.


At best you could say the country was founded on some Christian beliefs, there was a mix of ideas incorporated. Those founders had a chance to create something new and, at that time, unique. It worked well for a very long time.

To Warren,

Much of what you say I agree with. I cannot yet forgive Bush, his errors are grievous, in the oldest sense of that word. We may not survive his effects. Surely many, many died for his efforts and were ground to dust in his errors.

Unknown said...


A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasury. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship. The average of the world’s great civilizations has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through the following sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith
From spiritual faith to great courage
From courage to liberty
From liberty to abundance
From abundance to selfishness
From selfishness to complacency
From complacency to apathy
From apathy to dependence
From dependency back to bondage

Regnad Kcin said...


You begin ok with the first few lines, and I could even believe what you say about what was in Bush’s heart, but really, to even have the concept that somehow he was doing his best in ones ‘mind is an absolute stretch. He failed many, many times in his life, before the presidency it was his own affair, save for the careers and jobs lost, after it was to the dismay of anyone who loved this country. You mention the “left wing” press. I’m sorry but that simply does not exist. Not when millionaires and billionaires own virtually every media outlet you care to name. Their corporate owners contribute heavily to conservative movements which benefit their agenda of distraction, misinformation and framing public issues for profit.


Yes the corporatist take over of the US is a difficult shroud to shuck. Yes globalist corruption is just that and the corruption is broad and deep. Just how far back it goes is anyone’s guess and despite however much I dislike Bush I do not hold especially with any of those who’ve held the presidency. So what is left after that consideration. What kind of activism is needed to bring about change and restore the actuality and the sense that we as citizens of the US owe it to ourselves to bring about the changes that we want. We still have a chance to do that here.


What an “ultra maroon” kind of thinking to you possess what passes for neural activity in that brain of yours. While I am sedate in my approval of our current president, the one you apparently hold so highly in esteem is the worst president we’ve ever had and would win the contest with many of the world’s modern leaders. You must be blind, deaf and dumb.


Yet the portrayal of the capitalist system as exemplified by the auto industry was a “time piece” a fascinating cultural heirloom really, that has a good deal history in it despite its simplicity.


What Obama is doing is not socialism of the kind that was feared long ago. It is welfare of a kind that has been resisted for decades simply because it was for the poor.


First paragraph fine. Second one not: I still believe Bush was the ruiner and Obama, for his own reasons and sake, at the very least, is trying to undo what he did. Not that he’s doing a bang up job mind you and not that he has not had some disturbing continuities with Bush regarding foreign policy and secrecy.


We really did vote for Obama, so much so that post election analysis of 2008 had some 6 to 8 million votes tossed out. Studies indicated that some 90 percent were statistically democratic votes. It was the landslide that never was.

To fstsgtclosson

The point of the film was that anyone who was not a clear thinking individual could be hoodwinked into buying hooey from a sharpie.
You’ll note that, implied in the film, was the fact that the voice of reason had as much access to the “media” (vocal communication) as did the deceitful sharpie. It is this lack which, for me, stands out as a “lesson for our times”. More than ever we need a media that is truthful, independent, balances, very carefully mind, skepticism and loyalty but is ultimately interested in truth and justice. And how!

Char Stitchery

I liked every word:

When I hear religious freedom, I interpret that to mean the right to worship or not worship my own choice of God as I please. I hear class warfare and interpret that as the top 1% holding as much power as the lower 99% combined. I hear "an ever greater abundance of material and spiritual values" and intrepret that as a changing wider diversity of materials and broader exchange of ideas, not simply more of the same thing.

Anonymous said...

This cartoon is about what is happening today. Here is a quote from what seems to be a little known document called the Decleration of Independence:

"That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security"

Regnad Kcin said...


Many nations in the world invite people in and then change because of that. You can see nearly everyone of Europe’s nations changing over time, population, ethnicity, language and race. All that is natural and, ultimately beneficial. The US is one of the most integrated societies on the planet and the simple fact is that we have more geniuses born per 100,000 births than any other. And this is by an order of magnitude or more.

You seem to be supportive of those brain dead imbeciles who disrupted the health care meetings. If that is so you deserve the health care system you currently have. Are you happy with it – what about all your relatives, neighbors and friends?
Odds are all you’d have to do is bring up the subject doctor bills and you’ll get an earful. And the worst part is even the plan that is the “public option” is not really what is needed or wanted, and has not been proven to work. Look to England, you get sick you walk into a hospital and they take care of you. Maybe you missed the part where all that paper work was done; that’s because they don’t do that over there, nimwit.


Until you started talking about a GOD party you had me going. But seriously holding ourselves to account of the highest standards wouldn’t be the worst way to establish a political system.


Has good points.

Now I am tired of the tirades against unreason. I shall write immortal words or do the best I can to do so. I am a poet after all and used to being ignored by the ignorant who, in their pride and passion, have no mind whatsoever at all, no matter how powerful they're allowed to become or ruinous.

Mr. Bully said...

You are an obsessed moron. Without capitalism, you would not have a job. You probably don't anyway because you are too ignorant and lazy to work. People like you disgust me.

iggy said...

The only thing you can do is work :) I think you work too much, get a brake, stop calling others names, go for a long vacation (Peru, Guatemala, Japan, Mongolia ect).

Unknown said...

sobc says, "you whities jus pist kuz now we gots houses you cant take away and weez ntitled to money. bama is da man. now weez gonna get even."

Unknown said...

To Esther:
“Everyone blames Bush, who had to deal with Clinton's pushing the mortgage companies to give loans that they knew people couldn't pay back.” I believe if you look at it you will see that it was the mortgage companies who gave mortgages without caring if they would be paid back because they could sell them after giving them. That is lack of ethics on their part.

“Bush worked hard to keep taxes down...” Taxes for the wealthy. Are they the only ones who count or do you still believe in the trickle-down theory?

“Churches, of all faiths should be shouting at the rooftops for government to get out of charity work.” Our Christian churches have abrogated their charitable responsibility and are concentrated in propagating their own faith. Today it seems to be more important to profess and show one’s faith then to practice what Christ taught. Many Christians today have ignored the New Testament in favor of the more rewarding Old.

“Government is supposed to protect us from invasions and keep our laws. They are not supposed to get into our personal lives or tell us what we can and can't do.” And what has done more to do with that then the various “Patriot” Acts and their ilk.

To LvnOnAPrayer85: “Bush's presidency was far from perfect but he did what he promised he would do: he kept us safe for 8 years and did his best to ensure a working economy.” Have you forgotten 9-11 all ready? And when did the financial collapse begin?

wd031909 said...

The Finn- Think Racist much.

Uneducated people who voted simply because Obama is black make me sick. You're race wont save you sorry to say it.
This world is coming to the point of no return if people who don't believe in keeping this country as wonderful and "free" as it used to be we all will lose everything.
The rich will keep getting richer the poor will get hungrier and the middle class will not exist anymore.
Sit down read your bible or your kuran it says the end times will come when people pit themselves against each other. United we stand divided we fall. Americans should be on their knees praying for an answer. Praying that these years before election time goes quickly and we can get the "change" out of office and some hope back in.
God Bless everyone.

Unknown said...


A true Christian wouldn't be so concerned about which man (or woman) is in the white house and would recognize God's sovereignty instead.

It was Bush who was "change" (for the worse) and it is Obama who is "hope" (for correction.)

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